Book Review: United Service: A Colony Series by Regina Morris

I have to say, I enjoyed this story. United Service by Regina Morris, is part of a series; however, it can be a standalone book.

Sterling is a vampire who works undercover for the government. He has the ability to touch objects and receive information from them—psychometry. It’s a gift that helps him and his uncover team capture villains, but it’s also a curse. After Sterling uses his ability to get a lead on a case, he’s plagued with horrendous headaches, and his entire body itches. The only things that relieve those maddening symptoms is rain water and having sex with a woman who freely wants to. He can’t compel them to hop in bed with him because if he did, his pain won’t subside. So for over a hundred years, Sterling has used women to remedy his ailments. He’s never been in love and has given up on the idea of having a mate. He’s a half-breed, which in the land of Harry Potter, is equivalent to being a muggle. Pure-bred vampires tend to look down their noses at Sterling, so in his mind he has no hope to ever marry within his kind.

Sterling and his team are working on a case where vampires are being murdered. After the killer performs his brutal act, he kidnaps the offspring. These children will eventually become vampire themselves and a wacky religious cult called The Hands of God knows it.

Kate is a pure-bred vampire, and a nanny to a child who gets abducted. Kate winds up helping Sterling and his partner when she discovers The Hands of God has the child who was in her care. At first, Sterling is annoyed by Kate, but then he can’t deny his fierce attraction towards her, as well as his curiosity.

Something is not right about Kate.

She’s hiding a secret.

Her behavior with Sterling is running hot and cold, perplexing him. And why in the hell is she so damn clumsy?  

I’m not into CSI type of stories, but I’m totally into this series, because it’s unique and much more than investigating a crime and catching the bad guys. There’s personal growth, dealing with family issues, romance, and of course the paranormal world of vampires living among humans undetected. 

I think Regina is brilliant, and there are love scenes in United Service that are so well written and thought out, that I actually felt like a fly on the wall.  


This book is a must read, and I recommend it to anyone who loves reading these types of books.  

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