Book Review! Dark Illusions The Final Chapter by #Author Kim Iverson

Great book. I’ve read each one in the series, and I’ve really enjoyed them. Kim is a wonderful writer and storyteller. 

This series is about a race of vampires who can shift into werewolves and are divided into two clans—the Raaka and Runsasi. Kat is the main character who was once human, but then was awakened—turned into a shapeshifter—and now in this last installment, she’s queen. I really like her character because she’s strong-willed, feisty, stubborn, but yet she has a soft side that peeks through from time to time. Her presence exudes her sexuality, and she can throw her aura out into a room full of hot men, to where they’re begging to have a romp in the sack with her. She delights in this mischievous trick, and the fact that she’s in control. Literally.

Or so she thinks.

Julian who is prince of the other clan and who Kat was once in love with and is now her enemy, steps in and refuses to allow Kat to ruin everything.

Will Julian win back Kat’s heart before she goes over the deep end? And why all of a sudden, Kat’s humanity is starting to infect her immortality to where she might becoming once again . . . human?  There’s a lot more to this imaginative and well told story that I haven’t mentioned, but you’ll have to read it to find out.

I highly recommend this series to anyone who’s into this type of genre.