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Here are what readers have been saying about it . . .

Again, I was mesmerized. I read until the pages ran out of ink. Such an intense but enjoyable read. I just want to shake Paige at times, but then I remember she has only just turned 18. This in itself shows what a great author Rebekkah Ford is. She just keeps getting better and better.

Okay, I can’t say it enough. Rebekkah Ford rocks when it comes to her Beyond the Eyes series. Dark Spirits is a great sequel book 1. It keeps the suspense level high and makes you eager to read what comes next. It does for me, which is why I’m off to book 3.

I did not think this book could be any better than Beyond the Eyes, but I was wrong. This book skips back and forth from Nathan’s point of view and Paige's POV, but it is very easy to follow. The love triangle between Paige and Nathan and Paige and Brayden is frustrating! But at the same time I totally understand why Paige has the feelings that she has. There was so much action and twists and turns in this book, and I loved every page of it! I cannot wait to read book 3!


A tall pale-haired man who looked of Nordic descent seemed to materialize between the trees. The backdrop of the pitch black forest behind him gave the illusion of him being an imposing force not to be reckon with, like a Viking god straight from Valhalla.
 He stood there and fixed his ice blue eyes on mine. For a second they glowed like flames peering out of a bone-white skull. There was no doubt in my mind. It was Volac. Brayden stepped away. I bowed my head and slowly shook it, the corner of my mouth pulled down in disgust. What a yellow-bellied, worthless piece-of-shit. If Tree were here, he wouldn’t have tucked tailed and left my side. Then something sparked my intuition, some kind of connection between Brayden and Anwar. But I lost it when Volac’s feet shifted. I drew myself up, my survival instincts kicking in. My brain automatically assessed Volac’s vulnerable areas: his windpipe. I could grab it around his visible Adam’s apple and squeeze the larynx, and then strike a blow across it with the edge of my hand. His knees and chest were another vulnerable area. Hell, his whole damned body was an open season.
“You didn’t think I’d come here without reinforcements?” he asked, his thin lips twisting into a smirk.  He stuck his index fingers in his mouth and blew a high-pitched whistle.
I knew my mind was the primary weapon in a combat situation. So I stood there in a perfectly balanced stance, prepared to utilize all my strength.
I listened.
In the far distance were heavy footfalls, behind and in front of me, deep in the forest.  Ameerah was calling my name, fear and desperation strangling her voice. As they gained on us, the ringing in my ears elevated to a squeal.
I looked around, assessing the situation.
Like a ghostly apparition, Anwar disappeared, and I found myself questioning whether I had actually seen him or not. Brayden stood on the other side of the pickup in a fighting position, like a boxer in a ring, minus the raised fists, his head jerking about.
Then they emerged, shadows growing pulses beneath the pale moonlight.

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The first book in the trilogy (Beyond the Eyes) is #Free.