Who Is Ameerah Arrowood?

If you’ve been following the weekly post of Ameerah, so you can get acquainted with her before her story is released, here’s the next one.

In 1925, Ameerah got the opportunity of a lifetime—to be the head dancer at a speakeasy in New York City. She was in love and had a bright future ahead of her. Her favorite cocktail was the tuxedo # 2.

Mixing Instructions:

1.   Mix ingredients together in a shaker (except cherry garnish).
2.   Shake vigorously for 35 seconds.
3.   Strain and pour into martini glass.
4.   Add cherry garnish and serve.

I got this picture and recipe from The Marketing Dame.

Right when Ameerah was about to spread her wings and live the life she desired, she was double-crossed. The ultimate betrayal. It was so dark that even the purest of souls cringed into a fetal position and wept. Ameerah was wrongfully admitted to an insane asylum where horrible things were done to her.

Back in the 1920s there were radical changes in the treatment and understanding of psychology. It was a period of testing of new techniques at treating the insane. Sleep therapy was one of them, where the patient would be injected with barbiturates and knocked out for days or weeks at a time. This happened to Ameerah, among other things, like being strapped to a bed that had leather restraints on it.

Stay tuned for more info. on Ameerah, the dark hearts of humanity, and why she chose the path she’s  now on.