Who Is #Ameerah Arrowood?

If you have been following these posts, you know that Ameerah was the only child born into a prominent family in 1907. In 1925, she decided to rebel against her high-hat, prejudice parents and show them who she really was . . .  a flapper gal.

In the summer of 1925, when her parents were away on a business trip, Ameerah had the time of her life. She was offered a job as the head dancer at a speakeasy, and she fell in love in an unconventional way. You’ll have to read the story to find out. ;) She loved to dance, drink, smoke, and have a good time.

Ameerah had two deep dark secrets that were used against her. She was betrayed in the worst way ever.

Again, if you have been following the weekly posts, you know that she was wrongfully admitted into an insane asylum where she was mistreated and then murdered.

With hate in her heart towards humanity, Ameerah found herself on a bridge in a dreary realm that ended up being a recruiting station.

Aidan Logan is an Irish recruiter. He’s cute, charming, and fun.

Find out next week more about what Aidan was recruiting for.

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