A Mysterious Bloodstain. Murder. A True #Paranormal Story

If you've been following me and have read my background, you know that when my parents were married, they were the directors of the UFO Investigators League. They not only investigated extraterrestrial cases but paranormal as well. Why do you think I'm fascinated with the unknown? I grew up in it. Through experience, knowledge and imagination is how I come up with my stories.

Anyway, my dad had told me an interesting story that goes back to when he and Mom were UFO investigators. . . .

One day a guy contacted him and said he had a story for him, but it had nothing to do with UFOs. He told my dad that he’d recently bought a house and in the basement, there was a stain that wouldn’t go away.

He'd tried everything to get rid of it.

He even busted the concrete floor where the stain was and poured new concrete over it and still the stain came back.

He didn’t understand what was going on so he asked if my dad would come over and investigate it. My dad did and took a sample of the mysterious stain.

At that time, my dad had a lot of connections and gave the sample to an FBI agent to run some tests. A week or so later the agent contacted my dad and wanted to know where he got the sample from. My dad asked him why and the agent told him it was human blood. My dad let out a humorless laugh and said, "You’re not going to believe this but. . . ." And then he told him the story.

The guy who had bought the house, bought it cheap as an investment. Well, it turned out that the previous owner had killed his wife in the basement. So after my dad got the report from the agent, he called a guy that was well known and knew a lot about things like that. He told him the story and asked him what he should do. 

The answer was simple.

Tear down the house.

The spirit wasn’t at rest, so the house needed to be destroyed.

My dad told his client the bad news, thinking there was no way he’d tear the house down, but he did. Fortunately, he had money and was able to do that. Afterward, he rebuilt another house in the same spot as the old one, and then called my dad back over.

The stain never reappeared.

Weird, huh?

Too bad they didn’t have DNA testing back then because then they could have found out if it matched the DNA of the murdered wife.

Interesting, huh?