A Character That Won’t Let Go. #Authors Have You Ever Had This Problem Before?

For a year or so, my husband had been bugging me to write Ameerah. She’s a character who has made appearances in the last two books in my Beyond the Eyes trilogy. Her story is a standalone, meaning you can read it without ever having read the BTE books. It’s her tale about how she became a dark spirit who can dwell inside soulless humans and live whatever life she desires. If she wants to experience being a hot blonde chick with loads of money, she can. If she wants to drink, smoke, party, have mind-blowing sex, she can and then leave the vessel she possessed. No problem. Her story is a unique one. She recounts her life when she was human in 1925 when she was a flapper gal, on the brink of fulfilling her dreams. But then she was betrayed by her elitist parents who thought Ameerah would threaten their position in society if she continued on with her antics. I won’t tell you what they did, but they took everything from her. 

Her freedom. 

Her dignity. 

Her life. 

Then she was brutally murdered and found herself at a recruiting station. 

She had a choice to move on to the next realm or become a dark spirit and have the opportunity to get revenge on those who stole her life from her. She chose the latter and then takes the reader on a journey, not only on what it’s like to be a dark spirit, which is interesting in itself but through the timelines as well, up to present day where she enlists her dark spirit friend Derek to help her obtain salvation. Here are the timelines Ameerah takes the reader through:

Starts with the present day.

Then the 1920s: Prohibition, flapper gals, speakeasies, the stock market crash.

The Depression:

WWII: The dark spirits had a heavy hand in the war, and the immortals fought against the Germans. 

The 1950s: music, the twist, soda shops, pinup girls.

The Vietnam War: The dark spirits were involved with that as well.

Studio 54: Ameerah was there when Bianca Jagger rode a white horse inside the club on her birthday.

The 1980s:

Back to present day.

I’ve never experienced this before as an author, but my character Ameerah won’t let go of me. Seriously. She’s with me all the time, even though I’m writing another story on something totally different. I wonder if other authors have ever had this problem. I know Ameerah still has a lot to say and she will in the future. We’re not done yet. I also plan on continuing my Beyond the Eyes trilogy with a fourth book, but for now, Ameerah and my BTE trilogy are going to have to wait until I’ve completed this new exciting project, which I will announce in the near future.

So authors, if there are any reading this post, have you ever had a character of yours that stuck with you long after you were done writing about him or her? If so, what did you do about it?

Oh, and just for fun, here’s a picture of Ameerah and her dark spirit recruiter Aiden. He's Irish, btw, and hilarious. 

If you’re interested, you can purchase Ameerah hereà http://amzn.to/1Usdu2d