Write What You Love

I did this blog post over a year ago and thought I’d share it again. I’m sure my new followers haven’t read it, and I think it’s important enough to recycle. It also seems fitting for my current situation. You see, I’m in a position right now to where I can start another book series. In my previous post I’ve mentioned I started it, which I have. However, at the moment my muse is gone. I’m sure she’ll be back any minute . . .

*looks under the bed, in the closet, in the bathroom, frowns and scratches head*

BTW, I’m not bummed about being stuck on a plot point. I’m actually excited about this new story, and I know it’ll all come together soon. The only thing I’m frustrated about is I want to write the whole thing out now.

I’m getting anxious.


Okay, I’m practicing patience. In the meantime, though, I’ve been working on other stuff pertaining to this new series, which is smart I think. I like to utilize my writing time as much as I can, and I make a conscious effort to do so.

Here’s the blog post from over a year ago:

There are people who want to write a book, but they have no idea what to write about. A lot of them check the market to see what’s hot right now, and then they’ll create a story tailored to what’s flying off the shelves at the present moment. Most of the time they won’t finish the book, or they’ll discover with dismay the "trend" they were writing in is O.V.E.R.

"Holy smokes, Batman! How can I solve this heartbreaking situation?"

"Get back to the bat computer and create a story you love."


That’s right.

You heard me.

Write what you love.


There are many reasons:

A.) It makes you happy.

B.) You’ll have a better chance at finishing it, because you’ll be so into your story. Not to mention a fire will ignite inside your belly to where you’ll have to write.

Wait a minute.


In the. . . belly?

Yeah. It’s called passion, baby.

C.) If you love the story you’re creating, it will show in your writing. If you don’t love it, readers will be able to tell.

Trends come and go, and nobody knows what’s going to be popular next. So write what you love. If the type of story you write isn't in vogue by the time you publish your book. . .

So what?

I’m sure eventually it will be. And if your goal is to be able to write for a living, go write another book, and another one, and another, and so forth.

But I honestly believe if you write what you love, then you’re being true to yourself and your readers. And if you keep pursuing it, because you love to write and tell stories, one of these days everything will flow together, like chocolate and caramel. . .

Mmmmm. Chocolate and caramel.

Sounds good, right?

I think so. J

Anyway, write what you love.

Be happy.

Feel that fire in your belly and spin your thoughts and imagination into a story. Create something that will remain on this earth for as long as humans walk it--a piece of yourself immortal between the pages of time.

The great and powerful Oz has spoken.

"Great Merlin’s Ghost, Batman! Who is this disembodied voice who calls herself the great and powerful Oz?"

"It beats me, Robin, but quick, hand me the inflated-ego, ghost repellent bat-spray. I’ll get rid of it."

And so he did, at least for now.


  1. I'm so glad you posted this again, Rebekkah. I agree with every word.

    Best of luck with your new project, I hope your muse pays you a visit soon.

  2. Thanks! Yeah, my muse is on vacation, but I have a feeling she'll be soon. :)