#Authors! An Easy Tip On How To Write Description On Something You Know Nothing About.

8/28/2016 , , 0 Comments

This is another short, sweet, and helpful tip for you authors out there.

Do you ever find yourself having to write a description about something you know nothing about?

I do, like when I was writing Ameerah. After she became a dark spirit, her friend talked her into possessing a good looking man and having sex with an attractive woman. I had no idea what it was like for a guy to have sex with a girl, let alone describe in detail the whole sexual act. I knew nothing about those things, but in order to write a great story, you need to be authentic, right? This chapter—I believe it’s chapter twenty—is frickin’ hilarious. I’m not saying that because I myself find it amusing, but my readers told me that as well. In fact, my male readers personally gave me kudos for a job well done.


How did I write a descriptive scene on something I was clueless on and nailed it?

Research, baby.

Yes, research slows down your writing process; however, it’s worth it in order to get what you’re trying to convey accurately to your readers and paint that scene into their heads.

I can't stress enough how important research is when you're writing a story, and of course, you intertwine what you've learned with your imagination. 

Research + imagination= literary magic. 

So say you’re writing about the inside of a castle but have never been in one, let alone have knowledge about the architecture and what type of furniture was used back then. Google it. Read articles and take that information to help you write your story.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

I hope this easy writing tip helps you. I’ll share more as I think of them while I’m writing my next book.