Funny Book Trailer

Almost three years ago, The Devil’s Third was published.

Yeah, it’s been that long.

Can you believe it?

It’s the third book in my Beyond the Eyes trilogy. Then I wrote the companion to the trilogy called, Tangled Roots which is on sale, btw.

Anyway, The Devil’s Third won’t be the last book in this trilogy which will not be a trilogy anymore . . . I guess it would be a saga, wouldn’t it?

The characters in the trilogy still have many adventures ahead of them. If you’ve read The Devil’s Third or all three books for that matter, you’ll know what I’m talking about. I created a whole new mythology that could be plausible. It explains why shit happens in our world, and if you read Ameerah and look at what’s going on in our world now, how we got to this alarming and worrisome point, you’ll be like, holy shit! 

Yeah, Ameerah’s story takes the reader from when she was human in the 1920s, to her heinous murder in the insane asylum in 1925, to becoming a dark spirit who can possess soulless humans, to present day. She takes you through the timelines, tells and shows you what it’s like to be a dark spirit, what they’ve done in our world and what they’re up to now.

Have you ever wondered why World War II happened?

Have you ever wondered why the stock market crashed?

So, back to three years ago when The Devil’s Third was published. I created this video which is fitting for these books because some of the Nazis were possessed by malevolent entities. In Ameerah’s story, the reader discovers more about it.

Btw, Ameerah is a standalone book. It’s her story; however, it’s set in the same world as my trilogy and Ameerah had made appearances in Dark Spirits (the second book in the trilogy) and The Devil’s Third (third book).  

Here’s the book trailer. In the title of this blog post, I added funny because so many people have told me that it is. Oh, and if you speak German, don’t follow what the actors are saying, read the text instead.

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Ameerah is the most recent book published.

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