Sinful Sunday: August 27th, 2017

Okay, gals and gents, this clip is from Ameerah. It’s most of chapter twenty, which is one of my all-time favorite chapters. It’s long, but it’s worth it.

Trust me.

If you gals ever wondered (Come on, I’m sure you have) what it’s like for a guy to have sex with a woman, you’ll no longer have to wonder after this chapter. I’ve had male readers personally contact me to tell me the scene you’re about to read in this chapter where Ameerah is possessing a male for the first time since she became a dark spirit and then having sex with a female, is spot on. They loved it and so did my female readers. In fact, they had to read what I’ll be sharing with you to their husbands.


So those of you who don’t know about Ameerah, she's in book two and three (Dark Spirits and The Devil’s Third) in my Beyond the Eyes trilogy, BUT you don’t have to read those books before reading her story. Her story is a standalone book and can honestly be the first one in the trilogy if it were ever made into a movie or TV series.

Here’s a quick recap of Ameerah: When Ameerah was alive, it was in the 1920s. She loved to dance and became a flapper gal. She was having the time of her life and a bright future was ahead of her—until her own family betrayed her. She was wrongfully committed to an insane asylum, abused, and brutally murdered there. As she was dying, hate for humanity swelled in her heart and consumed her. She then was transported to a recruiting station for the dark spirits. She decided to become one where she could possess soulless humans, be whoever she wanted to be, live the life she desired, indulge in her hedonistic ways (drinking, smoking, sex), and get revenge on those who took everything from her . . .

Now, get some coffee, tea, whatever you fancy, then get comfortably settled in. Let’s get to this chapter. Ameerah and her friends are going to a speakeasy. Her buddy Sylis, who is a dark spirit you don’t want to piss off, talks Ameerah into possessing a guy. Ameerah is a lesbian, btw. Out of curiosity, she enters a male vessel. Here’s the rest of chapter twenty.

That night, Sylis talked me into possessing a male. He thought it would be great to fool Aidan at the speakeasy where I was supposed to meet him. I wasn’t too keen on the idea, but my curiosity got the best of me.
What was it like to have a penis?
I asked Sylis, and he roared with laughter, telling me I’d have to find out for myself, so what the hell? I did. I chose a nifty dark-haired fella in a black suit with a matching bowtie at the collar of a white shirt. His eyes were green.
“How do you feel?” Sylis asked after I entered the body. The corner of his mouth twitched from trying not to laugh. I must have had a silly expression on my face or something.
I moved my hips back and forth and grabbed my crotch to adjust it. Good thing we were in the back alley behind the building the speakeasy was in. I wouldn’t want to make a public spectacle of myself. “I really don’t care for this body.” The deep voice that came out of my mouth startled me. Then, my attention shifted to between my legs. The left nut wasn’t sitting right. What a pain-in-the-ass. I moved it over so it sat comfortably.
“Are you having troubles?” Sylis asked, still trying to compose himself from breaking into laughter. He had chosen a vessel similar to his likeness, except this one had olive skin and short, wavy hair.
Ava was back in the same human she was in the previous night, and I imagined Aidan would be, too. She giggled. “Sometimes I’ll jump into a fella when life becomes dull. I didn’t care for it at first, but once I adjusted to the mechanics of the male body, I had a ball.”
“You mean two,” Sylis said, and they both cracked up.
I frowned. The muscles and skin felt tight and heavy. I rubbed my chin. Smooth. At least this one liked a clean shaven-face.
“Well?” Sylis cocked an eyebrow, reminding me I hadn’t answered his question.
“I feel fine,” I told him, “but I don’t know how long I want to remain. I prefer a vagina over a nut sack and ding dong.”
Both Sylis and Ava busted a gut, their laughter surrounding me. I followed them to the front of the brick building, into the barber shop, to the back of the store, and through a hidden door behind a paneled wall. We descended a steep set of stairs and entered another door where we were welcomed with live, toe-tapping music and a smoky room. The club wasn’t as crowded as the night before, but it was still hopping.
“There’s Aidan.” Ava pointed to the fella in the newsboy hat heading to the bar. I was right. He chose the same body as before. “Do you want your usual cocktail, Ameer–” She touched her lips and an Oh-My-God expression entered her face. “What’s this human’s name?”
“Wesley,” I answered in a deep voice I still found bizarre, “but people call him Wes.” I pulled a silver cigarette case out of the inside pocket of the suit I was wearing and plucked a ciggy out. “And yes, I would love a drink.”
She smiled and winked. “Coming right up, Wes.”
“I’m impressed,” Sylis said while I handed him a ciggy and lit mine. “Usually, a newbie wouldn’t be able to reside so soon in a vessel of the opposite sex, but you’re doing remarkably well.”
I realized prodding me to enter a male body wasn’t about fooling Aidan. Sylis was testing me before we took care of Dr. Stratton. I could see why Volac trusted Sylis to take me under his wing. Clever.
“Aside from not enjoying being inside this monkey suit, I feel nifty,” I answered, taking a drag and inhaling deeply. The instant relaxation and euphoric feeling washed over me while I held the smoke in my lungs before slowly breathing it out. The sensation was marvelous.
“Here comes Aidan.” Sylis blew a tunnel of smoke in the direction of Aidan and Ava, both carrying drinks. “You might despise your current host’s gender, but if you lighten up a bit and not hang up your fiddle, you can have a great time.”
Sylis was right. I didn’t want to be a wet blanket, and I should at least try to embrace this foreign body to see if I could receive any enjoyment from it.
Ava handed me my glass. “Aidan knows.”
“You can’t pull the wool over my eyes.” Aidan thumped his chest with his fingertip. “Although, I find your ruse fair play.” He held his beverage up. “Cheers.”
“Too bad,” Sylis said, raising his glass along with the rest of us. “I was hoping you’d fall for our hoax.”
Ava shook her head. “Not Aidan. He’s too sharp.”
“How does it feel to have a flute, lass?” Aidan asked me and laughed.
“I find it . . . unappealing,” I answered.
“You need to get chubbed up and use it,” he told me. “Then, you can thank me later.” He gestured to an attractive blonde who reminded me of Betty with her bobbed hair, feathered, sequined headband, and white fringed flapper dress. “That human tramp has been eyeing you.”
“How do you know she’s human?” Ava wanted to know, a note of alarm in her voice.
“She was at the bar earlier, and I could hear her soul.” Aidan wrapped his arm around Ava’s shoulders. “No worries, lass. You’re my gal, and a fine lookin’ one.” He dipped her backward and kissed her.
“What do you think?” Sylis asked me, shooting glances from me to the blonde.
I imagined her naked. I didn’t know why because normally I wouldn’t. A vision of me sucking on her nipples and penetrating her followed. I could feel warmth in my pelvic area, then blood rushing to the penis, the balls tightening. The penis stirred and grew, stretching against my trousers. I turned my back to the doll eyeing me and stared at the bulge in my trousers.
“What’s eating you?” Ava asked. Her eyes darted to my crotch, and she giggled. “Wow, you’re big.”
“It’s still growing,” I said in horror, “and I can’t stop fantasizing about her.”
Aidan slapped me on the shoulder. “Way ta go. You’re chubbed up. Now, you need to knock the hole off her.”
Sexual images and feelings raged within me. The thing grew some more and throbbed. I touched it through the material and shifted my erection to the side so it wasn’t as noticeable.
“The male body is hardwired differently than the female,” Sylis explained. “When we possess a human, we incur the desires of the human flesh and body, which explains your present situation. Your thoughts and insatiable need to claim her is a byproduct of those things.”
“I say you take her to the backroom where they have petting parties and poke her,” Aidan said.
I swung around, once again facing the crowd, and locked gazes with the blonde. She smiled and waved, feeding the sexual imagery playing in my mind. Waves passed through my throbbing erection. I was rock hard. 
“What are you waiting for, lass?” Aidan nudged my elbow.
“Is there another way to get rid of this?” I didn’t dare point to the bulge out in the open, but Aidan knew what I was talking about, because his gaze bounced from between my legs, back to my face.
“Your only other option is to do a vigorous hand job on the ol’ boy, which in that case”—Aidan pointed in the direction of the john—“you need to find an empty stall and pray you don’t get caught.”
“Not true,” Sylis chided. “Ameerah can think of a mathematical problem or something repulsive to cure her problem, but why waste something that brings you intense pleasure?”
“She’s heading this way,” Ava said, sounding amused.
Sylis leaned next to my ear. “The human is a whore. Time to make a decision, but I suggest you take advantage of her, because if you don’t, I will.”
I attempted to concentrate on counting backward from one hundred, but I couldn’t think straight. The yearning to do more than petting with this blonde held me in its grasp. I drained the last of my cocktail and handed him my glass. I broke free from my group and met her halfway between two tables occupied by a lively bunch engrossed in their own conversations.
She looked at me. Her green eyes were hooded with desire. A coy smile played on her red lips. “I was wondering if you were going to make an appearance tonight, Wes,” she said, surprising me she knew this vessel. Then, out of nowhere, her name came to me.
Unfortunately, I didn’t know anything else and would have to play along.
She stepped closer, and I could feel the heat of her sexual hunger for Wes rolling off her in waves. My erection continued to throb and strain against my trousers. “I enjoyed necking with you the other night and was hoping we could finish what we started.” She opened her beaded handbag and pulled out a key. She dangled it in front of me. “The backroom is locked, but I know the owner. We won’t be disturbed this time. What do you say?”
I took her hand and kissed the back of it. “Lead the way, Ella.”
A sensual smile crossed her face. “I want you to know I’m normally not this forward, but since we’ve known each other for a while now and we kissed . . .” She shrugged. “I can’t stop thinking about you.”
I cradled her cheek in my hand. “The feeling is mutual.”  Let’s get on with it. This monster will not stop pulsing!
She took my hand in hers, and we maneuvered through the crowd to the back. An oak door stood before us. She unlocked it. The room was dark, but once she closed and locked the door and turned on a couple lamps, a soft light flooded the room. There were couches and plush thick rugs scattered about. The glossy wooden walls and art décor made the setting classier than one would suspect, considering what this room was designed for.
She tossed her handbag on a couch, and I didn’t waste any time. I had to release this pressure in my crotch and act on the fantasies plaguing me since I saw her. I kissed her, softly at first. But when she stuck her tongue in my mouth, our kiss grew deeper. Her hand went to my crotch, and when she began massaging the hardness between my legs, I thought I was going to burst. The feeling was remarkable. Despite myself, I groaned and followed her lead, sliding my hand between her smooth legs and rubbing her clitoris in slow circles over her damp satin panties. Breaking our kiss, she threw her head back and moaned. The sound almost drove me over the edge. She reached for the belt and buttons on my trousers and undid them. When they fell to my ankles, I was amazed at how big this human’s penis was and how it stood straight up and bobbed against my abs. The anxiousness to use it became overpowering. We undressed each other and lowered ourselves onto a thick crimson rug. She lay beneath me, and I was careful not to push all my weight on her while I captured her lips, then trailed kisses down her neck.
“I want you inside me,” she murmured.
My lesbian side fought the urge to swiftly take her, so I sucked and nibbled on each of her erect nipples while slipping two fingers between her slick folds and pumping them. Her breaths became fast and thick, and when she arched her back and moaned, I could no longer refrain from not fucking her like this body wanted.
I had to have her.
With my hand, I guided the penis inside her, and sweet mother of Mary, what a glorious feeling. Her warm wetness and the snug feeling sent off a whirlwind of sensations. Once again, she arched her back and grabbed her breasts, which I found extremely sexy and erotic. More stimulation in the male genital area developed at a rapid speed. I could actually feel the semen rising from the balls, and what followed was a feeling of fullness. How odd, and what a pain-in-the-ass for a fella who would want to prolong the act of intercourse but couldn’t. But those were fleeting thoughts, for I was too wrapped up in a foreign sexual high to focus on one thing.
When I moved my hips forward and backward, her moans grew louder, and her vaginal muscles gripped the penis tighter, nearly sending me to the moon. Despite the warm, tingling sensation in my groin, I managed to hold on, to enjoy this new sexual experience. I lifted her legs, placing her ankles on my shoulders, penetrating her deeper. Her continuous moans, thick breaths, and beautiful body, turned me on to the point where I caught myself huffing and releasing pleasurable sounds. When her hand flitted between her legs to rub herself, and she cried out she was going to come, a warmth spread across my crotch. Waves of sexual pleasure sent me on an intense plateau. I felt fluid expelling up my shaft and a euphoric release. At the same time, Ella’s body tightened and shook.
I catapulted out of the human and found myself standing next to Wes whose body thankfully slumped sideways beside Ella, his arm slung over her stomach. The image of the spot deep in the forest where I’d been to reenergize my spirit, sprang to mind. The next thing I knew, I was there—alone and frustrated.
Ameerah received a Reader’s Favorite 5-Star Seal for her story.

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I am absolutely in love with Ameerah!!! Rebekkah Ford has a way of painting such a visual that I feel as if I've been transported to that era and living right alongside the characters. ★★★★★

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