Happy New Year!

I want to wish everyone a  . . .

May this one be the best yet.

My 2017 was productive, tough, and full of inward growth. Here’s a quick breakdown of it.

The hubster and I quit smoking. He put the suckers down April 1st and a month later, I did.

My relationship went through some tough times. I honestly think it had to do with us not smoking. We’re all good now, but there were months last year that was a struggle to get through.

We got some improvements done on our house—a new window and the enclosed front porch.

We bought and planted two fruit trees—an apple and plum.

We planted a garden.

We planted daisies.

I released my first fantasy/paranormal book (Legends of Deceit). 

You can get it here--> 

I started writing the second book in Legends of Deceit’s two book series.

I had a landing page created for my books. You can check it out here--> http://rebekkahford.com/

We bought a class A RV that’s in great shape. We plan on renovating it in the spring to make it our own. I’ll talk more about that later.

I had to get fillings in my teeth—which I don’t think I had to—that my EX-dentist . . . yes, EX-dentist did.

I had to get a root canal.

I learned a lot more about myself and what direction I want to take my life.

Last year, I learned a lot of deep shit, you guys. I’m talking psychological, philosophical, going down the rabbit hole type of shit that changed Kevin and I. And we’re not done. Far from it. LOL.

Anyway, I have a lot of plans for 2018. So stay tuned!