What I Do When I Reach An Emotional Part Of The Story I'm Writing.

I’m in the process of finishing book two in my Legends of Deceit series.

Today I wrote over 2,000 words.


That is a lot of words for me to write in one day. However, I was determined to finish the first draft.

But . . .

I had to stop.


Because I’ve reached an emotional part of the story that I need to write, and I know I’m going to cry when I write it.

So I saved my work and set it aside.

That’s what I do when I know I need to write a tear-jerking scene.

After that, I take the time to mentally prepare myself to write it. My process usually takes me a day, so I’ll be writing it tomorrow.

How do I mentally prepare myself?

I ponder the scene over while trying not to get emotional as it plays out inside my head. Sometimes it’s challenging not to tear up while thinking about it in public.

It's kinda funny.

I know, I’m a dork, but I don’t think I’m the only author out there who experiences that.

We’re invested in our characters.

We love them.

Of course, we’re going to get emotional when something happens to them.

Also, it’s a good thing because if what we write emotionally affects us, then more than likely it’ll do the same to our readers.

Anyway, my process is simplistic: Save my work, set it aside, ponder over it for a day to mentally prepare myself to write the scene, all the while playing it out inside my head.

I’m all about minimalizing my life, and if I can incorporate it into my work and enriching it by doing so, I will.

If you’re an author reading this, feel free to enter what your process is when you reach an emotional part of your story that you have to write.

Until next time.