Did Changing My Perspective On Things And Being Indifferent Make My Life Easier?

Happy Friday!

So Tuesday I posted a blog post and said I’d adopt the attitude of being indifferent and changing my perspective regarding this endless snowy weather.

How did I do?

I rocked it!

Okay, so this week my car got stuck in the snow, but thankfully Kevin was nearby and able to free my car from the clutches of snowmageddon.

I fell backward in a snowbank.

It was kind of fun.

I laughed and so did Kevin.

My butt got wet, but no biggie.

The next morning the driver’s door on my car wouldn’t close.


Kevin sprayed WD40 in the latch, and he fooled around with it for a bit.

The damn door still wouldn’t close.

So I had to drive to the office while holding the door close so it wouldn’t swing open.

Long story short, I parked my car in a heated shop and a couple of hours later the door closed.


Kevin and I figured the latch was frozen and needed to warm up but there was still the tiny concern that I lost a spring or something along those lines. Thankfully we were right.

Oh, and I had to deal with annoying ass monkeys this week.

How did I cope with everything?

I was indifferent.

The car got stuck.

Well, that sucked, but I realized it would do me no good to get pissed off or annoyed about it.

Why ruin my day over it?

So I shrugged it off.

It wasn’t like I’d be stuck there forever, right?

Falling in the snowbank.

No brainer.

That was funny.

Car door not closing.

It was annoying, however, I became indifferent about it.

Absurdities will happen.

I told myself one way or the other my car door would close again, and I crossed my fingers the problem was as simple as a frozen latch.

It was!

Regarding the unpleasant people I had to deal with this week . . .

I didn’t give them the power to kick me into a bad mood because of their shitty behavior.

So all and all, despite the daily challenges I was faced with this week, I applied what I’d learned and thought I did well.

We’re supposed to get up to 8 inches of snow on Sunday and more snow next week.

We’ll see how I do then.