How Did I Come Up With My Story Idea?

I was interviewed and asked how I came up with my story idea for my Beyond the Eyes trilogy. 

I was told it's a unique concept and should be made into a movie or TV series.

Wouldn't that be nice? LOL

I think all authors daydream about that.

The concept is there are humans born without a soul and dark spirits can inhabit them and by doing so, they can experience whatever they desire while being in the flesh.

It’s pretty cool.

How did I come up with the concept?

Well, I'd always wondered if there were people who didn't have a soul because I'd seen more than a few peeps in my life that when I looked into their eyes there was no spark, no life, zero, zilch, nada. What really spooked me was when I was working at a pediatric clinic. A mother brought in her baby. He was sitting in one of those car carriers. She sat it on the floor so she could pay her co-pay. I looked into her child's eyes, and they were empty.


So the idea of my trilogy and the world I created derives from me wondering if there are soulless people among us.

Do you believe there are humans born without a soul?

I wonder.

Let's say there are and take it one step further. What if there are dark spirits and they can possess these empty shells of a human being?

The once vacant eyes now has life in them, and you have no idea you're conversing with a dark entity.

Kinda creepy, eh.

If you want to delve deeper into this concept of mine and the premises I created for my stories that drive them forward. You can pick up Beyond the Eyes for free here––>