RV And Future Plans Update

My RV (Aesop) is still waiting to get the parts installed. I was hoping we’d have Aesop by this weekend so we can start the renovation.


But to be honest, it’s getting serviced at Kevin’s work, and it’s not a priority. The reason why is because the truckers who bring in their semi-trucks and the farmers who bring in their equipment to be fixed is more important than our RV.

I totally understand.

That’s how they make a living, so the truckers need to be on the road ASAP, as well as the farmers needing to get back in the field to plant their crops.

Yeah, our RV can wait.

We were going to go to Kevin's work this morning and start the renovation, but we didn’t get up early enough—we stayed up late watching Robin Williams’ comedy act—and now it’s too hot to work on it. So maybe tomorrow or Monday.

So that’s where we're at with Aesop. We’re hoping this week to find someone who has a shop with a/c that we can use/rent out to do our renovation. If not, we’ll power through this heat.

Meanwhile, we’ve been working on being a minimalist. We’ve been going through a lot of our stuff and preparing for a huge yard sale in 2 weeks to sell it all. We already took the first step months ago when we went through our kitchen stuff and gave most of it away.

I have to be honest here . . . it feels wonderful to get rid of all the stuff we have that doesn’t serve us or carry some sort of sentimental value in our hearts. We’re looking forward to living a minimalist lifestyle where we’ll be collecting memories instead of stuff. We’re also excited about sharing our journey with the world.

To make things clear, though, I have no judgment regarding people living a contemporary life.

Live the life that makes you happy.

Just because Kevin and I decided to embrace an alternative lifestyle, doesn’t mean we look down on people who don’t.

Do what is right for you.

Tomorrow isn’t promised to us, so make each day count, and create a life that brings you joy, excitement, and growth.