RV Renovation: A Huge Bleeping Mess

On step forward, two steps back.

Yesterday wasn’t a good RV renovation day for us. 

At first it started out great.

We hired someone to help Kevin with some things on the RV that needed to be done.

Wiring up everything went great.

-Well, Kevin built this box to put our batteries in and just as an added safety precaution, he wanted to screw it to the bottom of the RV compartment it would be housed in. The reason being, if he had to suddenly break or if we ended up in an accident, the box wouldn’t slide.

Good idea, right?

Kevin and the guy (I’ll call him Sam), got busy drilling the holes to the bottom of the wooden box he made, while it was in the RV basement compartment, with the batteries in it.

Kevin went inside to cool off because it was horribly hot and humid out, not to mention the mosquitoes were everywhere.

-So, imagine being miserably hot, your clothes were sticking to you, your energy was quickly getting depleted, AND you were constantly getting bit by mosquitoes.

Yeah, note to self: don’t work on the RV when it’s hot and humid out.

Kevin went back outside and Sam said, “I accidentally drilled a hole into one of the batteries, and I have battery acid all over my pants.”

Kevin thought he was kidding because Sam liked to joke a lot.

It wasn’t a joke.


There was battery acid everywhere!

All the hard work of wiring everything up had to be undone.

They had to take all of the batteries out of the basement compartment and the wooden box Kevin made for it. 

Sam was okay, but he felt bad and wouldn’t let us pay him for his labor because the battery he drilled a hole into was going to cost us $130.00 to get a new one.


What a bleeping mess!!!

We all make mistakes, but this RV renovation is kicking our ass.

-But, we’re not giving up.

We realize it’s actually the heat and humidity that’s kicking our ass, not the RV itself.

Plan B:

  • ·       Breathe.
  • ·       Don’t be in a hurry.
  • ·       Don’t work on the RV when it’s miserably hot and humid outside.
  • ·       Focus on one project at a time.
  • ·       Remember, everything is how it should be.
  • ·       Go with the flow.


Today is Sunday. On Sundays we prepare food for the week, do laundry, I set my personal goals, work on my writing, and future plans.

It’s time to regroup and reenergize for the coming week.

Life comes with struggles and frustrations.

That’s how we grow.

I told Kevin what happened was now a memory we could revisit: “Remember, back in the summer of 2018, when Sam accidentally drilled a hole into one of our batteries, and you had to undo all of the work you'd done. Omg, that fucking sucked! But we got through it.” We also have this memory to share with other people, like what I’m doing now with you guys.

-So, everything is how it should be.

It’s all good.