RV Maintenance: Don’t Make This Mistake

We made a mistake last weekend when we were sealing things up on the fiberglass frame of the RV that’s going to cost us more work and time.

We used latex caulk instead of silicone.

(LOL I couldn't resist. That my friend is a Beavis & Butthead moment.)

Latex caulk with silicone added is supposed to last 40 yrs.

Cool, right?

-Well, on the back of the tube, in tiny ass font it says it takes up to 7-14 days to dry. 

If it rains within that time frame guess what?

You’re totally screwed.

Last Sunday evening we sealed all of the windows, seams, etc. on the outside of our RV.

And then this happened on Monday morning.

We had a major thunderstorm and it poured and poured and poured.

When I got home from the office Kevin told me he wanted to show me something.

We went outside, and he showed me this.

It was a gooey, yucky mess.


-So, we have to scrape all of the sealant off and reseal everything with silicone.

We decided to do it today.

But, we needed a scraper.

How do you walk into a hardware store and say, “I need a caulk scraper?”

That was Kevin’s question earlier.

He bought the scraper, and he scraped the latex off while I picked up the goobage and handed him a paper towel when he needed to wipe that shit off his fingers.

He resealed everything, and now we think we’re good.

-So, learn from our mistake. Read all of the instructions on everything you do, just to be on the safe side.