RV Renovation: This Is What’s Happening Today

It's been weeks since we were able to work on our RV. Lately, it’s been too damn hot and humid outside to continue renovating it.

Finally, we have a nice cool day.

The only problem we’re running into is it’s too humid for the tape to stick to the wall.


Have you ever heard of such a thing?

But we'll adapt, improvise, and overcome it.

-So, moving on, we unscrewed the cupboard handles and took them off. 

The process I thought went by fast. I mostly did that while Kevin started painting the cupboards.

His idea was to spray paint them, like he done when he distressed our cabinet below the kitchen sink.

Hey, work smarter not harder.

When we roll paint the walls, we’ll touch up the cabinets with that paint.

Honestly, you guys . . . Kevin is the artist here. I can write stories, articles, and blog posts, but when it comes down to painting, drawing, decoupaging, and distressing furniture to give it that boho vintage look, I’m not good at those things. Therefore, I trust Kevin’s ideas and allow him to create.

He amazes me with his creativity and mind.

. . . Anyway, our flooring comes in on Tuesday. I’m guessing once we’re done painting, we’ll be installing the new floor. I’m hoping I can help Kevin with that.

Oh, a couple weeks ago, we solved our refrigerator problem and bought a new fridge that's solar powered. I’ll write a separate post on it soon.

Right now, as I write this, Kevin is working on the RV. We took a break to eat lunch, and then he went back outside to work on it.

-Well, after I was done eating, I went to join him, and he was grumpy.

His vibe wasn’t good. 

The humidity is back up this afternoon, and he didn’t want to quit. So, I left him be.

I’m sure you can relate when your significant other is in a pissy mood and needs to be left alone.

Hell, when I’m in a shitty mood, I want to be left alone. Don’t you?

-Anyway, a lot is going on in my life, and I strive to at least post here once a week to keep you guys up-to-date on what’s going on—even if it’s a short post or a meme. Something.

Kevin just came into the house, and he’s in a better mood.


I’m going to see what he’s up to and finish the goals I want to accomplish today and make new ones for this coming week.

UPDATE: I went outside and into the RV to see what Kevin was up to. Check out what he was working on . . . 

I love it! 

I wanted to share that with you.

Have a good one.