The Art Of Being Here Now

It’s been a miserable hot and humid summer here. Even my sunflower has lost its energy under the weight of the brutal sunrays and thick ass, suffocating air.

We haven’t been able to work on the RV in weeks now. However, we have continued to get things for it (flooring to install, lumber to build shelves, etc.), so when it cools off next month we’ll be able to finish renovating the inside.

In the meantime, while we lounge in our perfect climate control abode, we’re practicing to be here now—in the moment.

Tomorrow doesn’t exist.

What exist is right now.

-But the human brain gets in the way. The pestilent child emerges and wants to be entertained.

It loves drama, so worrisome or stressful thoughts run rampant through the mind.

"What if we can’t get done with everything before winter?"

"There’s a lot of shit to still do."

"It figures. We buy an RV, and this summer has been the hottest and most miserable one since we’ve been here (12+ yrs.). WTF?"

"I’ve been tired a lot lately and I’ve had a headache every day. What if it’s cancer?"

"That guy the other day was such an asshole. If he ever crosses my path again and is a dick to me, like he was to the poor cashier at the grocery store, I’ll tell him to fuck off (a scene plays out of that situation happening)."

See what I mean? The brain thrives off of that shit. It’ll create outlandish scenarios because it wants to be entertained, and most importantly, it’s a protection mechanism that’s hardwired into us.

What helps silence the mind?


-Focusing on the moment and your surroundings.

-And when the pestilent child bombards you with bogus thoughts, recognize them, and then push them aside.

This takes a lot of practice. It's an art, but the more you do it the easier it’ll be and a lot happier and enlightened you’ll become.

The other day Kevin told me he read this quote that I found amusing:

“I have lived with several Zen master—all of them cats.”—Eckhart Tolle

Wow. I’ve been living with a Zen master for eleven years and didn’t even know it. :)