Minimalist Art Steampunk Style

As you guys know, Kevin (hubby) and I are moving towards living a minimalist lifestyle, and we’re loving it.

Did you know, Kevin is an artist?

I don’t remember if I’ve told you that or not.

. . . Well, he is, and the other day he created some cool ass steampunk/futuristic designs with only two things.

Can you guess what they were?

It was totally organic/natural . . .

. . . He created the following designs with only a flippin’ ink pen and pad of paper.

Here’s what they look like on paper.

Wouldn’t they look good on a T-shirt and sweatshirt hoodie?

Hell ya, they would!

The steampunk gangsta car would look sweet on a sweatshirt hoodie.

-So, I decided to take his hand drawn designs another step forward and did just that.

They are now in our Etsy store (DARETOLIVESHOP), because those designs are too cool not to share them with the world and give the 
people who appreciate organic/hand drawn art, the opportunity to wear it.

There will be more hand drawn by pen designs by Kevin in the future, and I’m excited to find out what he comes up with next. I’m trying to talk him into creating a steampunk-type cat that is writing for a T-shirt design, but being an author, I understand you can’t force creativity, so if he’s feeling inspired to draw it, he will, if not, something else kickass will come into fruition.

-Anyway, this is another step towards the life we’re creating.

Baby steps, remember?

Our Etsy store is a side hustle that I haven’t had time to focus on to grow because I’ve been working on other projects that’ll eventually come into play with the life we’re creating.

This shit takes time, and sometimes it seems like it’s taking forever and nothing is working. That’s where patience comes in and me giving myself a pep talk on not to give up, keep going.

Eventually, everything will come together and all our hard work will pay off.

We recently did an overview on everything we’ve done this year. We’re proud of ourselves for all that we’ve accomplished, and we’re happy where we’re at and the path we’re on.

Here’s a little reminder.