Have You Heard Of Black-Eyed Kids?

Have you ever heard of black-eyed kids before? Honestly, I never knew about them until a few years ago. 

If my parents knew, they never told me. 

Apparently, countless people worldwide have been having encounters with these creepy little kids

Sometimes these children are alone and other times they come in pairs and range from age 8-16. 

They’ll tap on your window or knock on your door. With their head hung low, in a monotone and demanding voice, they’ll ask to be let in. 

They promise they’re not going to hurt you and it won’t take long. 

Eventually they’ll lift their gaze onto you, and their eyes are black as coal. 


Witnesses have said their blood ran cold when those black orbs locked onto their own eyes. A feeling of dread and horror consumed every ounce of their being.

Sounds like a Stephen King novel, huh?

But is this true? 

I’ve never had an experience with these freaky kids, so I don’t know. 

And if it is true, what or who are they?

Are they aliens or inter-dimensional beings?

Eyewitnesses have also said these children are pale almost translucent, and they wear either dull old-fashion clothing or plain jeans and a hoodie. 

These juveniles seem to possess extraordinary powers like telepathy. 

Some people who have had encounters with them said these BEKs answered their questions before they even asked them. 

They know what you’re thinking.


So what do you think?

Are black-eyed kids for real or are people around the world telling bogus stories so they can take part in this global phenomenon?