I've Been Tagged

10/17/2011 , 0 Comments

I’ve been tagged by another blogger to write six random things about myself, so here goes. . . .

1.) I have a stuffed raccoon named Coonie that I’ve had since the age of fourteen. My best friend Michele bought him for me when I was going through a difficult time. He’s always on my bed, and when I’m feeling sad or I’m alone in bed, I hold him in my arms for comfort.

2.) I light up like a Christmas tree when I’m around yummy food.

I love food.

Thank God; I don’t have a slow metabolism; however, I do have to work out to be happy with my body.

3.) I hate getting my picture taken, but I’m working on overcoming that.

4.) When I was four, I tried following my sister and her friend to a shopping center on my big wheel and got lost. I didn’t know which way would lead me home (I still have no sense of direction) so I resorted to the ieany, meany, miny, moe, method.

Of course, it was the wrong way. But, hey, I was four.

I ended up crossing a busy intersection during rush hour traffic (on my big wheel) and found an ice cream shop.

Yeah, I might have been scared and lost, but leave it to me to have found an ice cream shop to brighten my mood.

Did I mention I love sweets too? :)

The employees took me under their wing and gave me candy. When the police officer showed up, he told me he didn’t think he could fit my big wheel into his car. I remember looking up at him and tearfully saying, "But you can’t leave my big wheel here." He gave me an, ‘aw, it’s okay’ look, and then shoved my big wheel into the trunk of his car. In his car, he'd asked me where I lived. I gave him my address, and I remember him praising me with how smart I was to have known that. And then I begged him not to tell my dad because I was afraid I’d get a spanking. The officer told me he had to, so when we got home I went upstairs and hid in the closet. My dad never spanked me, and I later found out that nice officer made my dad promise not to, so my dad grounded me instead.

5.) I can't sleep with my closet door open. It has to be closed.

6.) I love sweet and salty food together like white chocolate-covered pretzels.

Okay, that’s six random things about me, so if any of you who are reading this have a blog, you just been tagged. :)