How Did J.K. Rowling Feel?

11/14/2011 , , 0 Comments

Yesterday I felt like crap, and didn’t do any writing. I was so nauseous, I ended up taking a nausea pill I had from a prescription I got from a PA I had worked with 2 years ago.

Yeah, I know. Those pills are old, and I should toss them out. However, I hate throwing up, so I’m holding on to them. I rarely ever feel nauseous enough to take a pill (I hate taking pills), but when I do, I’m thankful I have them.

While lying on the couch yesterday, I thought about J.K. Rowling and wondered how she felt after she wrote the first Harry Potter book and was trying to get it published. I had read that it was a difficult book to sell and it took her agent a year to sell it. I wonder if she had any doubt in her mind during that time, whether a publisher would buy it or not. I know she was struggling financially and raising her daughter on her own, which I’m sure made her feel bleak at times. But what I wonder is, did she ever have any doubts? And what would she have done if her agent couldn’t have sold it? Would she have self-published it?

I was thinking about that yesterday because of my situation. I did hear from an agent a week or so ago, and she told me I write well; however, my story isn’t right for them. She did say she hopes I continue writing and sending out my work, and she gave me an idea on where to look for more agents. I thought it was very sweet of her to take some time out of her hectic schedule, to write me a personal note like that. It also made me feel good that she said I write well.

I still wonder if I’ll find an agent and publisher who will love my book(s) just as much as I do, or if I’ll end up self-publishing this series. Honestly, I’m a little depressed about it today because what if I’m just kidding myself? Yeah, I can self-publish, and my books may do fantastically well. And it’s not like I don’t trust in the Universe to put me where I need to be. I believe that we’re all connected, therefore, the timing has to be right because what happens to me not only effects me, but the people in my life as well . . . But still, I wonder about it, and wonder if J.K. Rowling has ever felt this way.

I did start my third book and finished the first chapter last Friday (Yay). I don’t know how long it’s going to take me to write this book because I still need to do revisions on Dark Spirits. I know it took me I think 5 months to write Dark Spirits because I was still revising, Beyond the Eyes, which that book had only took me 3 months to write. I wish I can be like Amanda Hockings and write a book in 2-4 weeks. That would rock. But I don’t think I’m doing too badly with writing the rough draft of a novel in 3-5 months. It takes me a hell of a lot longer to revise and edit than it takes to write it. I wonder if that’s normal.

Anyway, my third book in the series is called, ‘The Devil’s Third." I’m not sure if I had mentioned that already, but yeah, that’s what it’s called. After this book, I plan to leave the series alone, unless in the future, people want more from the series, which would be cool because this story could go on and on and on, like the House of Night series or the Vampire Diaries. And I wouldn’t mind writing more books for this series because I love my characters, and I honestly believe in this story. Now if only an agent and publisher would feel the same way and see the potential in it, I’d be a happy camper. :)