Paranormal Upbringing and Story Writing

I spoke to my dad over the weekend and he told me a magazine called, ‘Open Minds’ wants him to write an article on UFO’s for them, which I think is so cool.

I think I told you guys this in a previous post, but my dad was in an episode about UFOs on the Discovery Channel a few years ago.

When my dad was the Director of the Ohio UFO Investigator League in Fairfield, Ohio, he used to do a lot of interviews and was a key speaker at UFO conventions. He also wrote an investigator’s field manual and said it’s like five-hundred pages long (holy, cow). He told me last week he was thinking about updating it, cutting back the word count, then publishing it. I told him he should, and if he needed any help I’d help him. I think it would be fun to help him with it.

My fascination with all things paranormal I think has to do with the environment I grew up in. Ever since I could remember, I loved writing stories that dealt with the paranormal, thus my ‘Beyond the Eyes’ series. And although my parents had divorced when I was young, the paranormal world remained a constant force in my household.

I’m lucky and appreciate that both my parents are open minded. And although my mom swayed more to the Peter Pan fantasy aspect of it, meaning she fabricated some stories and wasn’t interested in facts, I think I was fortunate to have gained the knowledge she had imparted on me. And the same goes for my dad. Hell, I’m still learning from him, and I love that he goes by facts. One day I’m going to post a story about an investigation he had done on a mysterious blood stain that wouldn’t go away.

Isn’t that cool though?

I mean, seriously. Growing up with parents who were involved with investigating the paranormal was so cool because now I have the experience and knowledge to write and talk about it. So when my books do get published, I have that to share with my readers. Not to mention, it helps me to blend the truth with fiction into my stories (if that makes sense). Because honestly, I love stories that could be plausible–told in such a way that could actually be true. Or, at least make the reader wonder about it. That’s what I think I did with ‘Beyond the Eyes’.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention that my great-aunt, writes for an astrology magazine and is a meditation guide. She once did an astrology reading on me (I think I was 12 at the time), and told me I had the aptitude to become a great writer, which made her happy since she’s a writer. Of course, it made me happy as well. So yeah, maybe one day I’ll become a great writer, and have tons of books published that people will love. That’s one of my all-time goals, and I work at it just about every day, knowing the more I write, the better I’ll become.

Remember that because it’s so true.

The more you write, the better you’ll become.

I should add reading as well, because reading books plays a huge part in becoming a fabulous writer.

Anyway, it makes me happy my parents were never boring and had opened a huge door in my mind to endless possibilities, questions, and possibly a career in writing about it in a fictitious manner.

I’ve read many times to write what you know and love. So if you’re a writer, remember those four things. . .

1.) Write every day.

2.) Read.

3.) Write what you know, or want to know (I say that because there are some things you don’t know much about, but are intrigued enough to learn).

4.) Write what you love.

Bottom line: IT’S. ALL. ABOUT. LOVE. :)