Bathing in The Sink

2/13/2012 , , 0 Comments

On Saturday, Kevin pulled off the old surround around the bathtub. But before I go into that story, I want you to know I’m going to pull an Edith Bunker on you.

Do you know what I mean?

Remember that show, All in The Family?

Well, if you don’t, Archie Bunker’s wife Edith would tell Archie the whole story before she’d tell him the actual information he wanted to know.

I know a lot of girls do that, whereas most guys will just tell you what actually happened to them instead of explaining the events that had led up to it.

They’re like, "Yeah, I cut my finger on a knife. It was so deep I could actually see the bone. I slapped some Super Glue on it, and it’s all good."

They never go into detail about where they were, what they were doing with the knife, what kind of knife it was, how they ended up cutting their finger, and what their reaction was when it happened.

Not me.

I like to tell the whole story. However, I’m not one of those people who go into every little detail and drone on and on about it.

I’m not that bad.

I don’t suffer from diarrhea of the mouth.

Thank God for that, right?

Okay, now here’s the story.

Six years ago, Kevin and I bought an old house here in North Dakota. At the time we lived in Prescott, Arizona, and a coworker of mine was selling this house really, really, cheap. To make a long story short, we sold our nice modern house, made a healthy profit, paid off our bills, moved into a cheap one bedroom apartment for a year, saved our money, bought this house outright from my coworker, and moved here.

(Whew. That was a mouthful.)

This house was built in the thirties, and we’ve done quite a bit of work to it. Of course, there’s still work that needs to be done, but we figure we’ll get to it when we get to it.

It’s no big deal.

The surround around the bathtub was one of those projects that needed to be done, and we finally started tackling it on Saturday. Now I understand why Kevin has been dreading doing this project. Check this picture out.

Our tub looks so small, huh?

It’s not though.

This is the state our tub is in at the moment, minus the debris in it (we cleaned that out) and a couple pieces of drywall Kevin has put up, because we ran into a plumbing problem.

There’s corrosion on the pipes, and we don’t have the skills to fix it. I think a plumber is going to have to saw off that pipe and make a new one so we can thread the new handles or whatever on it.

So now Kevin and I can’t take a shower or bath because that’s the only bathtub we have. Therefore, we have to bathe in the sink.

Needless to say, I didn’t get much done with my writing projects this weekend.

Kevin had to pull the old surround off the wall, knock out the old drywall, and put new drywall in. Not to mention, there was a huge mess to clean up.

We still need to put drywall on the wall where the exposed pipes are, and then put the new surround on.

Anyway, that’s what’s going on in my world right now. I imagine I’ll be spending an evening or two, finishing this project with Kevin, once the plumber fixes our problem that is. I just hope it’s today because, although taking a bath in the sink is better than nothing, I still feel kinda grungy.

Maybe I should do what the hippies do in Prescott–take a bath in the creek.

Do you think?


I think I’ll stick with taking a bath in the sink, thank you.