Monkey Wrench

2/27/2012 , , 0 Comments

Last Thursday was a wonderful day for me because I got a really good job offer.

I had received the phone call around lunchtime, and to be honest, I was nervous as hell about it, thinking that I might have blown the interview because I thought I was babbling too much during it. In fact, the night after I had my interview, I fretted so much over it, I didn’t get much sleep. So imagine my surprise when I got the job offer and was told they’re excited to have me working for them, and they’re looking forward to it.

That has to be one of the best feelings in the world when somebody tells you that.

Now I have to figure out how I’m going to handle the monkey wrench this job threw into my writing routine.

I think it’ll be okay. I just have to schedule my routine around my working hours now, which will be 8-5 Monday through Friday.

When I was writing, Beyond the Eyes, I had a full-time job. So I know it can be done. I did tell Kevin, though, that our time together is going to be limited for a while because I’m determined to publish my books.

Last week, I had printed out a copy of my book cover with the testimony and blurb on it. Kevin took it to his work and showed his boss. His boss was blown away, and told him she wanted to read it.

It’s funny though, because his boss is worried that once my book gets published, I’m going to make a ton of money, and then Kevin is going to quit on them.

I had to laugh because realistically, that’s not going to happen. I mean, there’s always that possibility, but honestly I don’t expect it to happen.

Not that I don’t believe in my book.

I totally do.

But I’ve read you have to have several books out in order to get a financial boost from them. So hopefully, people will like my first book enough to want to read the second and third one. And then I’ll write a different book (I already have several ideas floating around in my head), and so forth.

But it’s really not about the money.

Yeah, my dream is to make enough off my books to stay home and write more books. But honestly, I just want to share my stories with the world because I think they’re really good stories.

Anyway, I start my new job tomorrow, and I’m excited about it because I think I’ll like it.

The atmosphere, the person I’ll be working for, and the job itself, suits me really well. So hopefully everything will work out.

I do have to figure out a schedule to stick by, not only for my writing, but for everything else as well: grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, eating.

I did tell Kevin since I’m going to be working full-time, we’re going to be taking turns cooking, and he'll have to help me around the house.

He agreed and was cool with that.

So now, my next journey begins.

It’s an exciting time because not only did I get this wonderful job offer, but my book(s) are going to be published this year (hopefully the first one will be sometime this spring).

And yeah, I’m scared to death about putting myself out there where people can easily criticize my work, or me for that matter. However, I know every writer/artist has been criticized, which does comfort me because I know I’m not alone in this. I also know, if you love what you do and have a passion for it, nothing is going to keep you from doing it, even when a monkey wrench gets tossed into your plans.