My Book Trailer

Last night I posted my practiced book trailer, but this morning I decided to post it again with the minor changes I made to it. This is the book trailer I'm going to use when my book comes out, which should be in a couple weeks.

Kevin asked me last night if he could see it. Frankly, I was nervous because I was afraid he wouldn't like it.

Kevin is very artistic. He can draw, paint, he's an awesome lead guitar player, he can play a song by ear, he can pick up any instrument and teach himself how to play it.

Yeah, he's one of those people.

So you can see why I was nervous and a little flustered (I fumbled with the computer while he was standing over me) when he asked me if he could see this video.

While he watched it, he started laughing. Afterwards, he became quiet.

My heart was pounding.

I braced myself for the criticism I was sure would fly out of his mouth.

I told myself, regardless of what he said, I liked it, and I did this book trailer all by myself. I was proud of myself. I didn't give up and endured long moments of frustration.

Yeah, whatever his opinion was, it didn't matter because. . .

I. Did. It.

Imagine my surprise and delight when he said it was awesome, and he loved it. He loved it so much that he had me email it to his work so he could show it off to his coworkers and boss. It'll be interesting to see what they say, but I thought it was cool he had me do that.

Anyway, here's my book trailer. It'll be on Youtube once my book comes out.


Happy Friday!