Character Interview

Warning: To those who haven’t read BEYOND THE EYES, there are some spoilers in this.

Four months ago, I interviewed Paige Reed, the main character in my YA paranormal series. The chat was cut short because she and Nathan had to meet Tree and Carrie at the movie theater. Paige promised to meet with me again and since the second book in this series (DARK SPIRITS) will be coming out at the beginning of 2013, I thought this would be a good time to get back together.

Right now, she’s at a hidden location, so we can’t do a video chat. I have to say before I start the interview that I love her raspy voice. It reminds me of Demi Moore’s, but not as abrasive.

Me: "Good evening, Paige. How are you?"

Paige: "I’m doing well. Thanks."

Me: "I’m going to get this interview rolling by asking you some hard hitting questions . . . if you don’t mind?"

Paige: "I still feel bad for bailing on you in our last interview, so I’m totally fine with it."

Me: "No worries . . . Before you became immortal, you had to deal with a lot of shit that you harbored inside yourself for so long. I know you’ve shed many tears, and now you’re a stronger person, not only physically but mentally-"

Paige: "Yeah, I am."

Me: "But don’t you still feel sad about your parents?"

Paige: "Sometimes I do, but it’s not like the same kind of sadness as before. I understand now why they made their decisions. Also, they haven’t abandoned me. Your readers will discover that in your third book–The Devil’s Third. However, there are times when I miss them, and that’s when the sorrow creeps into my heart."

Me: "I know Nathan told you immortals’ emotions are heightened exponentially. How are you dealing with your intense feelings?"

She laughs.

Paige: "The people who read Dark Spirits will find out I’ve had a hard time controlling my temper at first. I am getting better, though, at switching off the feelings I don’t want."

Me: "I know you get premonitions from a ghostly voice only you can hear; however, you’re starting to discover other gifts you have as well. Am I right?"

Paige: "Yeah, you are. I do come from an ancient line of witches; however, I’m something different. I mean . . . *sighs* I really don’t know what to think about it, to be honest–about what I am."

Me: "What can you tell us about Dark Spirits?"

Paige: "Well, in Dark Spirits, I find out one of the abilities I have comes from Solomon. It’s an awesome gift I hope to keep if his power ever leaves me."

Me: "What else can you tell us without spoiling it for the readers?"

Paige: "There’s an ancient dark spirit named Volac who wants to destroy me. He has a following, and they plan to help him do just that. One night they ambush us, and Nathan finds out some disturbing news. Also, in this book Nathan and I have some relationship problems, but I don’t want to talk about that."

Me: "I understand. What about Brayden? Or do you not want to talk about him? I know he had stepped over the line towards the end of Beyond the Eyes."

Paige: "He did totally screw up there. However, he's back to Astoria and genuinely sorry for that."

Me: "You forgave him?"

Paige: "Well . . . yeah. I’ve known him since I was five, and he would never hurt me."

Me: "Is he coming between you and Nathan?"

Paige: "Brayden still believes we belong together, and he did offer me something I want from Nathan–a partnership of equal standing. You see, Nathan is overprotective. I mean, I can understand why because I almost died. But still . . . The readers will find out about his secretive behavior and why. I also find out he has an ally in an unlikely source. It totally shocked me when I found that out."

Me: "What about Aosoth? The last we read about her, Nathan had cast her out of Carrie and used one of his homemade incantations to prolong her suffering."

Paige: "All I can say is the reader will get to find out where she went and what happens after she regains her energy."

Me: "So Carrie and Tree play a bigger role in these next two books?"

Paige: "Yeah, and unfortunately they’re now involved in my dark world."

Me: "Carrie tells you a shocking secret that greatly impacts her life. I know in book three it gets worse for her, and you do everything in your power to help her, including casting a circle and doing magic."

Paige: "I do. She’s my best friend, and I’d go to hell and back if I had to to save her."

Me: "I’m going to leave it at that because I don’t want to spoil the next two books for the fans of this series."

Paige: "Good idea."

Me: "I think I’ll end our interview now because it’s getting a bit lengthy. Please tell Tree, I’ve been hearing from quite a few people that he’s their favorite character."

She laughs.

Paige: "I will."

Me: "Thanks for talking to me and looking out for humanity."

Paige: "You’re welcome, and thank you for telling my story."

Me: "How could I not? If only they knew . . . Take care."

Paige: "You too."

So there you have it. My editor just finished editing Dark Spirits and said the plotting and characterization was excellent, which of course made me happy. The cover is almost complete, except for the testimonies I’ll be receiving from a couple of authors. I will do a cover reveal before I publish this book. So it’s all coming together. I can’t wait for you to read it and join in on the fun. I will be doing some awesome giveaways such as the claddagh ring Nathan gave Paige. I can’t wait for you to see it. It’s beautiful! :)


  1. Ha! I love Tree! And now he knows! :)

  2. LOL. Yup, now he knows, and you made his day! :)