A Smell From The Beyond

1/07/2013 0 Comments

Do you guys believe that sometimes spirits can alert you to their presence by using a certain smell?

When my great-grandpa was alive, he used to smoke a pipe with cherry tobacco in it. After he died, sometimes the room we were in would fill with the smell of cherry tobacco. The same thing with my grandpa Walt. When he was alive, he was an alcoholic. After he died, sometimes we'd smell alcohol. And it wasn't like this faint smell where we would question it. No. It was so strong, the room or car would smell like a brewery.

Back to my great-grandpa.

I've told this story in a post before, but I'm sure a lot of you haven't read it since it's an old post. When I was growing up, I told some of my friends about my great-grandpa's spirit visiting us. Well, my friend James laughed at me. That was until he experienced it first hand. He was at my house one night when our living room filled with the smell of cherry tobacco. James was totally shock. I pointed at him and said, “See! I told you so.” Afterwards, he went home, and his mom yelled at him because she could smell the scent on him and thought he was smoking.

He never laughed at me again.

Saturday night Kevin and I had some friends over. While we were playing Monopoly, Kevin sniffed the air and said, “Do you guys smell that? It smells like cherry tobacco in here?” Our friend Curt nodded. “I sure do,” he answered. I smelled it as well. What's weird is, the last time I had smelled it was after Mom died, almost two years ago. Well, for six months now, my sister and I haven't been talking, and we finally made up on Saturday afternoon when she realized she had misunderstood a situation involving me. Also, on Saturday afternoon, my great-aunt posted on my Facebook wall about her father (great-grandpa), what his last advice was to her, and that he would have loved me very much. And then, that night he showed up.

How weird is that?

I wonder why?

I've always felt connected to him, even though he died shortly after I was born.

So, back to my question. Do you believe spirits can alert us to their presence by using a certain smell?