Book Review On Eternal Service by Regina Morris

Vampires are one of my favorite paranormal creatures and honestly I would love to write a story about them. However, there are a gazillion books out there about vampires, and I didn’t want my book to be adrift in a sea of other similar tales. But then one day I came across Eternal Service, and I realized I was wrong. You can write a story about vampires that will out shine all the other ones, you just have to step outside the box, and that's what Regina did with Eternal Service. It’s about an elite group of vampires sworn to protect the President of the United States.

At first I wasn’t sure I’d get into the story because I’m not fond of cop/CSI, type stories, but what won me over was this fresh new idea: vampires secretly working for the government. I had to read it, and Regina’s creative mind did not disappoint me.

Vampires have been protecting the President of the United States since Lincoln was assassinated. They form a special op team known as The Colony. It’s funded through the President’s Black Budget, and Congress is not even aware of its existence. They work covertly with the Secret Service as the presidential security.

Raymond Metcalf is a head of The Colony which is like a clan. He’s tall, dark, and handsome and once was a soldier in the Civil War.

Some of the vampires have special abilities. Raymond can read thought patterns. Raymond is an honorable man who had lost his beloved wife in childbirth over a century ago. She was human and had a son. Sterling is his name. He’s a half-breed: half vampire and half human. Purebred vampires, frown upon Sterling’s kind, which is another story in itself. But anyway, Raymond loves his wife Wilma dearly and stays in mourning for over a hundred years, living a lonely life–until he meets Alex.

Alex Brennan has been going to a therapist for quite a while. She was attacked years ago and since then Alex has had a hard time dating. She desperately wants to be in a loving, passionate relationship, but the guys she goes out with turns out to be a bunch of losers. The only thing Alex feels secure in is her career. Alex is a Captain in the military and a top-level security specialist. Her credentials are impressive: martial arts, field training, and she's the highest ranking sharp shooter in the military. Because of her skills and outstanding record, Alex is offered a job as Colony Director. She’s thrilled. When she walks into Dixon’s (the Colony Director she’ll be replacing) office for the interview, she meets Raymond. They are both immediately attracted to each other, but Raymond struggles with his feelings towards her for a while because of his fear of dishonoring the memory of his deceased wife.

One of the things I like about this story is when Dixon tells Alex about The Colony, and that she’ll be working with vampires. Alex’s reaction is totally realistic. Regina did a wonderful job with that. I like that she didn’t dump Alex’s feelings about these paranormal creatures all in one scene. Instead, it spills out into other chapters, adding to the story in just the right places.

The emotional walls Alex and Raymond have put up, begin to crumble. They give into their feelings for each other, but I have to warn you . . . there is sexual tension. I won’t spoil it for you, but I was surprised at how personal some scenes were, and I found myself frustrated at few–not in a bad way. Those scenes were justifiable and added to the character’s development.

By the way, the vampires in this creative tale can adjust their age through the amount of blood they drink, that’s how they blend in with society.

How cool is that?

I give this book 5 stars *****

If you’re into vampires and paranormal romance, I recommend this book. Eternal Service gives a fresh, and new twist to the world of vampires.


  1. The question I'd have is how competent Alex is once she's on stage. Yes, she has impressive credentials, but do they translate into her being useful and competent once the story begins, or are they just there to facilitate the romance part of the story?

  2. I think it's both. There's a scene where Alex has to fight a rogue vampire, and she doesn't tuck tail and run. She holds her own. But the main focus is more on Alex's feelings towards Raymond, her new job, the fact vampires do exist, and how she processes it all.