Beyond the Eyes–Now .99 Cents For A Limited Time.

Sometimes I can be such a dingbat, but we all have our moments, right? When I was doing my last post for author Felicia Tatum, I realized I never told you guys that the Kindle version of Beyond the Eyes is on sale.

*slaps forehead*


I’m soooo not good at marketing, but I’m trying.

Anyway, to celebrate the release of my second book (Dark Spirits) in my YA paranormal series, Beyond the Eyes is on sale for just .99 cents. It’s for a limited time. The following review I received will give you an idea on what to expect. This reader did an excellent job with her review, and she gave me five stars, which was the icing on the cake.


I'm a big fan of the paranormal and YA books. The cover art of Beyond the Eyes caught my attention, and after I read the description, I just had to buy it.

I thought the character of Paige Reed was very refreshing. I like characters who experience growth. At the start of the book this character is a very vulnerable 17 year-old who really has no family in her life. She relies upon friends to fill this void, and I absolutely love that. The friends were different and quirky, but also very supportive - which is a good combination to have.

Rebekkah Ford does a wonderful job of conveying daily life of teenagers. We follow Paige through a school day, on a date, chatting with friends, etc. It has been a long time since I've been in high school, but I felt like the naivety and purity of the young teenage experience is captured in such a beautiful way in this book, that it felt like I was in high school again (in a good way).

Without giving any spoilers away, the story follows a young girl during a huge loss in her life. It is at a time where an underlying truth is told to her and she has a huge decision to make. Throw on a first love, a love triangle, an enchanted object, premonitions, and attempts on her life, and you have one fabulous story that just begs for a part 2 and (hopefully) a part 3.

I was really excited about the love triangle aspect and I am hoping to see more of Brayden in the next book. I think Rebekkah Ford has really set up the sequel nicely for this character. The love interest, Nathan, is portrayed as the sweet, ever-caring, gorgeous boyfriend (and heck, who wouldn't fall instantly in love with him?) and I think Nathan and Brayden play well off of each other. I'm hoping the next book really expands upon the conflict of these three characters. Sorry, I can't share more due to spoilers.

I was shocked by another review of this story that claimed that the character Paige cried too much. Given how much turmoil is in her life, and at such a young age that she is experiencing it, I think the character was quite strong. She would tell herself not to cry during stressful times, but then would cry and fall apart (like any teenage girl with no family support) would afterwards. I found her weaknesses to be believable, and I loved the growth she had throughout the story. The Paige at the start of the book is not the same young woman we find at the end. My hope is that she continues to grow in the following books since I do plan on buying them. 

Regina M. "Lover of Paranormal Romances"