Book Review on Remembered by E.D. Brady

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Warning: Spoiler Alert!

I’ve been wanting to read Remembered by E.D. Brady for a while now, and I’m glad I did. It’s a great book and E.D. is a wonderful writer. I was surprised another reviewer had said this book was confusing and the story wasn’t sticking to certain elements regarding the world in Vistira. For the record, it wasn’t confusing and E.D.’s creativity spun details of both worlds in a magical tapestry of wonder and curiosity.

*Spoiler Alert*

The story begins with Emily who was abandoned at the age of six and doesn’t remember her parents or the time before that. She grew up in foster homes and became friends with Cappy, who by the way, is a wonderful friend and great character. Years later, Emily begins having dreams about a hot guy who adores her and seems very real. She becomes baffled by these dreams and decides to see a psychologist in hope to root out her problems and deal with them. When Emily agrees to be hypnotized, frightening memories of being kidnapped resurface. After the disturbing session, she decides to never see the doctor again and welcomes Cappy’s unrelenting support in the matter.

When Emily decides to go on a business trip to Europe with her boss, she wanders off and finds herself in another world, and her name is Annella Derlyn.

Here is where I’m starting to love this book.

A floodgate of memories washes over Annella. She remembers the house she grew up in and goes there. She remembers her parents had died, leaving her to care for her brother Max and sister Cora who are twins and years younger than she.

I think E.D. has a gift for writing fairytale type books, because when the story shifts into the land of Vistira, her ability as a writer dances off the page in a wonderful performance that had me smiling.

When Annella (Annie) goes to town, she sees the words The Citadom, etched on a stone building. She feels a strange flutter in her belly, but doesn’t know why. However, she does remember the building houses the Vistira’s government and law enforcers. But the men of the Citadom aren’t typical policemen, they’re more like peacekeepers, healers, and spiritual advisors wrapped into one. They’re referred to as Peacemen who took vows of celibacy. One of the Peacemen happens to be Kellus Kir. He’s an apprentice and the hot dude who was in Annie’s dreams--when she was living the life as Emily.

Deciding to change her modern clothes before she calls attention to herself, she goes home to her little cottage and sits down, absorbing all the memories of this life.

The story then shifts to when Annie meets Kellus, and a good portion of the book is backstory. But that’s okay, because it’s all good.

Kellus and Annie are instantly attracted to each other, but Kellus tries to fight it, due to his obligation as a Peaceman and the vow he took. However, eventually he gives in and admits to Annie he’s in love with her. In secret they get married. Blissfully happy, they later go back to Annie’s house. While Kellus is outside, she gets kidnapped. A spell is performed on her which propels her to an alternate universe as Emily. And though she’s only gone for six months, according to Vistira’s time, in the time of Emily, it has been sixteen years. So when Emily turns twenty-two–the same age she was when she got kidnapped–the dreams of Kellus began and the enchantment placed upon her breaks.

The story rewinds back to Annie sitting on her floor in the cottage. She hops to her feet, changes her clothes and finds Cora and Max residing with Kellus’ family. His family is awesome, and I really like his brother Markum. It’s a heartfelt reunion because everybody thought she was dead . . . well, except for Kellus. While she was missing, he believed she was  still alive, telling everybody he would know if she past from their world.

But Kellus is in bad shape. He’s grief-stricken and discovers how to remedy it.


With the urging of the Under Master at the Citadom, Kellus goes back as a Peaceman. Meanwhile, Annie tells his family and her two siblings exactly what happened to her. They believe her and figures out who did it and why. After Kellus is reunited with Annie, they all devise a plan to expose her captors. But things don’t go as planned and now the whole family is in danger.

What will they do to get out of this ugly mess?

You’ll have to read it to find out.

It’s a great book.

I enjoyed it and will be reading the second one in the near future.

This is a five star . . . er, ghost rating in my opinion.