The Devil’s Third Blurb

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Last month I did a cover reveal for The Devil’s Third. As most of you know, it’s the third book in my YA paranormal trilogy. Right now it’s going through edits and rewrites, and my editor and I are not even halfway through it yet. If you’re on Facebook and would like my Facebook Author page, you’ll see updates on its progress. I like to keep my fans inform and share as much as I can without spoiling the story for them. Once in a while, I'll also do giveaways on there. So if you want to like my author page here’s the link:

The dreaded blurb.

How many of you authors who are reading this hates writing a blurb? I bet 9 out of 10 of you do. It sucks trying to encompass a whole novel into a few short paragraphs. On top of that, there’s the added stress to make it entice a reader enough to want to buy your book.


I did do a post on writing a blurb. I think it was last year when I wrote it. I can’t remember. But even though I know the mechanics on how to create one, it’s still a challenge. I’m also very critical of my work and sometimes drive myself crazy because of how fickle I can be. In fact, after I wrote and was satisfied with The Devil’s Third blurb, I went back and changed the one on Beyond the Eyes. I think it’s a lot better–more intriguing. So anybody who has the paperback with the original blurb . . . keep it. Ya never know. It might be a collector’s item some day.


Anyway, here’s the description on the back cover of The Devil’s Third. If you’re on Goodreads and want to add it to your TBR list, here’s the link:

The Devil’s Third

The Exciting Continuation Of The Beyond the Eyes Trilogy.

If you could have the power to control evil, would you want it?

In a rainy, misty town filled with moss-covered trees and dwarfed by wooded mountains, Astoria, Oregon, holds many secrets and eighteen-year-old Paige Reed is one of them. She’s immortal, has magical abilities she’s discovering, and harbors King Solomon’s power inside her. With his incantations, she can control the dark spirits who lurk among societies in soulless humans.

But her problems are mounting.

Her best friend slips into a coma, and Paige must tap into her newfound powers—powers she’s unsure of—to save her.

Through this ordeal, Bael who once commanded a legion of black souls, forces Paige to make a pact with him, causing her to abandon the ones she loves. When she finds out where Solomon’s spells are and tells Bael, she begins to have second thoughts about her agreement with him.

Will she risk everything to claim the spells that hold the power to control the dark spirits so she can enslave him? Or will her one true love find her before she makes a horrible mistake that could damage her for life?

And most importantly, what does the Devil’s third mean and what is Bael really up to?