Unchained by Tyro Vogel

I wanted to share with you this poem by Tyro Vogel, and the guy who drew the picture is Enger Pas. From what I understand, Tyro wrote this when he was a teenager. He posted it on Google Plus, and I loved it so much I had to show it to you. Click on the link so you can read it, along with  his other illustrated stories: http://www.tyrovogel.com/Softwear.pdf

Happy Friday! I had a hard week, so I’m loving it’s Friday today. I hope you have an awesome weekend. Be happy and safe!





  1. I've just been browsing the internet and stumbled on this; thanks for resharing, that's very kind of you. Glad you liked this little piece. :) Happy Friday!

  2. You're welcome. I love this piece you wrote and had to share it. :)