The Year 2013

Wow! Can you believe this year is almost over?

I can’t.

So what have you accomplished this year? Do you ever think about that before the New Year begins? What about the things you had to endure? Do you set goals for the next year?

I do all of the above.

In 2013 I published two books: Dark Spirits and The Devil’s Third. I put the ecopy to Beyond the Eyes for free on Amazon, because I love the new mythology I created, some of the characters, and I want others to experience it as well for free. I’ve learned more about marketing, but of course I’m still learning. I joined lots of literary groups. I met and became friends with some wonderful authors. I created a street team on Facebook. I’ve done book launching parties, blog tours, interviews, and book signings. I’ve met and interacted with some of my fans whom I love.

Yeah, I’ve been busy trying to spread the word about my books and make a name for myself in the literary world. But there’s still a lot of work to be done and a lot to learn.

I’ve accomplished all of that stuff while working at a f/t day job. Talk about being stressed out at times. Not to mention, dealing with the mundane things in life we all have to deal with.


But I believe the end result will be all worth it. In fact, when I hear from fans telling me how much they love my books, a renewed energy engulfs me, and I continue on.

Yeah, it’s worth the stress and tears.

Did I say I love my fans?

So 2013 was mostly a year to get a foothold in the literary world. I also had this blog pimped out by telling Parajunkee Design my idea on how I wanted it. She did a wonderful job, don’t you think?

Lately I’ve been dealing with being crazy busy at my day job. It’s always like this in the winter time because I work for a mom and pop propane company. So far this season we’ve been slammed. The weather has been in the minus degrees. It’s like living in a freezer box, and of course people need their heat. I don’t blame them, but I wish they would be nice and not so demanding. I mean, most of them are nice but some are assholes. In those situations, I wish I can do what Darth Vader does here:


Anyway, the owners at my job are awesome people, so I’m fortunate not only to have a good job, but to work for down to earth, sweet people. I remind myself of that when I’m getting stressed out or when customers piss me off.

In a couple weeks it’ll be 2014. I have a couple projects going on at the same time: a Beyond the Eyes novella and a novel in Ameerah’s (uh-meer-uh) POV. I already have the cover for her book, and it’s beau-ti-ful.


You’ll love it.

Trust me.

Originally I was going to make her tale a novella, but she has a lot to say. She was a flapper in the 1920s, then her parents stuck her in an insane asylum where she died. Because of her contempt for humanity, she became a dark spirit. So, yeah, she has a lot of shit to tell ya.

Those two projects I plan to complete this year. We’ll see if I can write them both at the same time, which I’m attempting right now. A fan of mine wants me to do a spinoff on Carrie and Tree, so I may do that as well this year.

In 2014, Kevin and I plan to finish siding our house and completing the inside of our enclosed porch. We live in a house that was built in the 1930s. It seems when we start one project to this house, another one presents itself. Needlessly to say, we still have work to do on our homely abode.

Oh, I also need to get more organized. LOL

Yeah, that is a must.

So what about you?

What was 2013 like for you?

What are your plans for 2014?