Book Feature! Dark Illusions The Next Chapter by Ariana Browning

Yay, book feature!
I read Ariana’s first novel in this series called, Dark Illusions The Beginning, and I really liked it. I’m looking forward to reading this one as well.

Kat was thrust into the world of the Awakened. She's had to fight for her life every step of the way. It never ends.
Being stuck in the midst of a war that has been raging for centuries before her, and now around her? Isn't any fun. Nor are the rules imposed on her because of the clan she's stuck in, or the mate she's stuck with. Despite her love for someone else.
Her clan believes her love is dead, and that her mate can become Prince like he's always wanted. She believes it's time for a change. The Raaka clan believe she is pure blooded Raaka, but don't know how much blood she shared with the Prince of the Awakened, a Runsasi.
Could it be . . . she is something else?
All anyone wants, is for her to sit back and wait. Wait for what? What secrets are they keeping from her? What will happen when she finds them out?
She's tired of running. She's tired of hiding. Are the Awakened prepared for what comes next?
Kat: "I will never be a victim again. . . ."


Charismatic Goddess and Butt-Kickin Billionairess in the making.
Most of the books Ariana Browning writes comes from her dreams. The characters constantly knock on the door in her head and adamantly refuse to go away, until she tells their story to you.
When she’s not writing, she’s tending to her animals and gardening, or rebuilding and repairing the house she lives in. Never one to sit still for long, she constantly is working on something, or changing people's lives. Find all her projects on her website (, or contact her with email ahbrowne AT ahbrowne DOT com.
She can be caught on Facebook and most of the other online social networks, or her official site, annoying most people with her sometimes-too-happy-for-her-own-good attitude. Join her to follow along with some amazing friends, and some thought-pondering questions she asks like: what is your favorite color? Or, perhaps, how she’ll sometimes light a fire under you and open your eyes with deeper questions that you’ll have to come by and find out for yourself.
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  1. Thanks! I will share it on my social sites, and my own site. I appreciate your help in sharing information about this book. <3

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