Character Analysis

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Have you ever read an analysis about a character from one of your favorite books? 

I haven’t. 

I thought it would be interesting and fun to analyze Paige who is the main character in my Beyond the Eyes trilogy. I might even continue it with more characters in the next post. I need to warn you though, there might be spoilers in this. If you haven’t read the books in the trilogy, you've been warned.

In Beyond the Eyes Paige is seventeen-years-old. She’s a heartsick, stubborn teen, who cries a fair bit and makes stupid ass mistakes. 


Why is she like this? 

Also, in the first book, her best friend Brayden whom she used to date, comes to town. He proclaims his undying love for her. When she tells him she’s in love with Nathan and there’s a connection between them, Brayden—wanting to remind Paige of her feelings for him—forces himself on her (he fondles her breast and tries to kiss her). He violates her, but yet Paige forgives and still loves him.


Why in the hell would she?

Let’s put ourselves in her shoes and see if we can figure it out . . .

She’s a teenager.

Most teenagers think they’re impervious to danger, they’re moody, make dumbass mistakes, and they’re emotional.

It makes sense, right?

But there’s more.

Paige has been receiving premonitions from a ghostly voice since the age of four. Her first one was right before her father died. It basically told her he was going to leave her and it would be his choice. His death not only shattered her world, but it also created some unhealthy feelings inside her core being: loneliness, abandonment, sadness, etc. It also doesn’t help that her mother avoids Paige as much as she can. 

Paige’s mom loves her, but she can’t be around Paige for long periods of time. She tells Paige why later on in the first book. But regardless, Paige’s mom’s behavior adds to her insecurity and the constant “what’s wrong with me?” internal question. Paige not only feels like her father bailed on her but her mother as well.

Ahhh, so maybe those are the reason why she’s the way she is in Beyond the Eyes. 

But what about the stubbornness?

Paige is hardheaded, that’s for sure.

BTW, my characters came to me out of nowhere, so I’m just as perplexed on some of the things they do and how they sometimes act.

So stubbornness . . .

I think Paige is stubborn because basically she’s been on her own for two years. Her mother is a traveling nurse and leaves Paige alone. Paige had to grow up fast, and she’s an only child. I’m guessing that’s why she’s hardheaded.

But why in hell would she forgive Brayden and still harbor feelings for him?

Brayden tends to be an ass, but from what Paige has told us, he used to not be this way. They’ve known each other since they were toddlers. It was rare a day went by that they didn’t see one another. Brayden helped Paige through some tough times. They also dated for about two years, until he moved to California, which crushed them both. Paige still sees the old Brayden inside his new pain-in-the-ass-relentless behavior. She also cannot forget how he’s always been there for her. 

The love she has for him is rooted in those things. 

Sometimes old feelings for Brayden crops up, which is disconcerting. However, she’s in love with Nathan, not Brayden. Paige has stated this numerous times throughout the trilogy. It’s like she has to reaffirm it to herself. I do believe though, she’s not in love with Brayden. I think her old feelings for him and all the things he’s done for her in the past, gets her confuse on how she feels about him. But as things progress throughout the trilogy, Paige grow as a character. Thanks to Nathan’s help, she deals with her problems, makes peace with it, doesn’t trust Brayden like she used to and tells him she doesn’t like the person he is now.

Rock on, Paige!

You go girl!

So in the end she becomes a strong kickass fighter against evil.


I think we got her figured out, what do you think?