Hidden (House of Night novel) by P.C. & Kristin Cast Book Review

Warning: There are spoilers. 

I really like the House of Night series. I think Aphrodite is one of my all-time favorite characters in a book. She is such a smart-ass and cracks me up. P.C. and Kristin did a wonderful job on the characters in this series. They’re also creative and imaginative writers who I appreciate. I think though, this series is dragging on and on and on. If you plan on doing a series or trilogy, you need to shake things up a bit and make the story fresh. 

In this book Hidden, not much really happens, except for Neferet gets darker, is shunned by the High Council, and kidnaps Zoey’s grandma. 

What took place in this book could have been written in the last one. 

What was new in this novel was Erin’s character changing sides and Lenobia’s revelation about something I’ve been waiting for since the last installment. Unfortunately though, me as a reader, only got a glimpse on what was going on with these two characters. I think the story would have been a lot fresher if the authors had focused more on these two characters. I also think it would have been cool if Aurox (A.K.A. bull-boy) had revealed his true self to Zoey and the gang at the beginning of this novel. It would have made this story a more interesting read, and the authors could have ran with it, creating many twists and turns in this tale. But it’s their creation, and I respect that. I was just hoping for a lot more than what it was.