Book Review on Something’s Amiss by Yawatta Hosby

Something’s Amiss is a women’s fiction novella with romantic elements throughout it. I really enjoyed it. 

Oliver and Poe used to date, but when Poe realized he wanted to have children, she ended their relationship and moved out of state. She started a new life and eventually entered into another relationship. 

When Poe’s best friend Jenna—who is also Oliver’s cousin—dies in a car accident, Poe flies back home for the funeral and to be there for Jenna’s husband Dominic, who Poe is good friends with as well. When she arrives, Oliver is there to pick her up at the airport and old feelings start to take hold of Poe. Oliver insist on her staying with his mom, who loves Poe and wants them to get back together. At first, Poe objects to his offer, but then gives in.

When Poe visits Dominic, she agrees to take care of his 4 year old daughter Raven, so he can have some time to himself to process everything and grieve. To Poe’s surprise, she bonds with her goddaughter. She never wanted kids and thought she lacked the maternal instinct, but her time with Raven shows her otherwise.

Yawatta did an excellent job on writing in the mindset of a toddler. I really enjoyed this character.

Oliver’s girlfriend Kate is a handful. Yawatta did a great job writing this character as well. Kate is something else. She’s impossible and quite annoying. I love how Oliver handles the situation. He’s still in love with Poe and determined to make things right with her again, all the while dealing with the loss of his cousin and the drama Kate tries to inflict upon his life.

Meanwhile, Poe is conflicted with her own feelings. She discovers she’s still in love with Oliver; however, she has a boyfriend at home waiting for her, not to mention she too is heartbroken over Jenna’s sudden death.

I think Something’s Amiss is a good read. I hope Yawatta does a follow up book on this story, because I want to see what happens next. 

I would recommend it to anyone who loves these types of stories.