Book Review: Ty The Bull By Brenda Perlin, K.D. Emerson, and Rex Baughman

Ty the Bull is a short story based on true events. The tale is in ten-year-old Ty's point-of-view, about him being bullied at school. I can totally identify with this story and the strife Ty had to endure. 

After his parents divorce, Ty is basically on his own. His dad never comes around, which bothers him a lot, and his mom works all the time, so she doesn't have much to do with him. To make matters worse, a kid at Ty's school, name Gabe, taunts and bullies him. Ty feels more alone than ever, and it crushes him even more that his best friend is now part of Gabe's group. It's a bad deal altogether.

I was in a similar situation growing up. My parents divorced when I was eight, my mom moved my sister and me 2,000 miles away from my dad. She never had time for us. I had a huge overbite, and kids would mercilessly tease me. Even though I was fortunate enough to get braces at the age of fourteen, I still to this day have insecurities about my looks. 

Bullying is not cool, and we need to put a stop to it. And I'm not just talking about humans bullying other humans . . . I'm talking about animals as well. The aggressive and hateful actions and words done upon another sentient being, brands the psyche on the one who is being abused. 

It never goes away. 

I don't care how much counseling you get. 

I don't care how much your future husband or wife loves you. 

It. Never. Goes Away. 

Abuse is abuse. 


Thanks to the wonderful authors who wrote Ty the Bull, they're bringing more awareness to this disheartening issue. I think this book should be in every school across the globe. I think it should be part of the educational system. There should also be assemblies on bullying with of course, Ty the Bull, spearheading it.

Every kid should be required to read Ty's story. So if you have a kid in your life, I highly recommend you purchase this book and give it to him or her. By being proactive, we can all become one booming voice that reaches the masses: "Bullying is wrong! We will not stand for it! No child should be in fear of his life. No child should dread going to school or to any social functions. No harmless animal should be bullied, tortured, or starved to death. This ends now!"