Book Feature! Alien Manifesto by T.W. Embry

When orphaned ex-Navy S.E.A.L. Thomas Scott decides upon a life of crime, he does not expect to be recruited to join an elite Special Forces operation charged with stealing an alien artifact. Especially a mixed-species alien team headed by inter-galactic billionaire Snarth. The close-knit team soon becomes Tom's family in more senses than one, which complicates matters when the mysterious artifact turns out to hold secrets that may plunge the whole of the known universe into a devastating war...

Author Bio: 

Todd was born a navy brat in Sasabo Japan in 1962. After living in many different places, his family finally settled down in the small town of Fort Pierce Florida, where his father taught physics at the local college. A bit of a wild and rebellious youth, Todd graduated high school, just barley. Following in his father’s footsteps he also joined the navy.

After a knee injury ended his naval career early, Todd returned to Ft Pierce resuming his wild ways. In desperation his parents sent him to stay with his Grandmother in Scotts Corner Kentucky, hoping some of the local values, hard work, unconditional love of family among them, would rub off. 

It did, Todd returned to his family in Ft Pierce, found a job with Bellsouth as a telephone operator and 15 years passed. During which Todd met the love of his life Linda at his 31st birthday party. After an intense romance, they were married 1 year later.  However, Linda came as a package deal, she had a daughter Corri whom Todd came to love as his own daughter and by mutual consent, Todd adopted Corri making them one happy family at last.

Todd and Linda took out a second mortgage on their house and bought a flower shop, Linda’s lifelong dream. And a good thing they did for after 15 years of service and 3,000,000 successfully answered calls with a 98% accuracy rating Bellsouth downsized and closed the office Todd worked in. After recovering from back surgery to correct, a ruptured disc Todd tried his hand at the culinary arts, graduating from Le Cordon Bleu in Miami in 2005. This culminated with a chef’s position at the Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach, a 5 star resort.

During his time at culinary school his English professor a former college level creative writing teacher gave Todd some advice, “You should try writing a book” he said. It was some time later that he began his first book Revenge from Mars.

Todd now works full time at the flower shop with his wife Linda and their daughter Corri and is finishing his third novel in his spare time.