Read Tuesday. It’s Like Black Friday For Books. Give The #Gift Of Reading!

Today is Read Tuesday where tons of great books by amazing authors are discounted, including my own.

That’s right.

On Tangled Roots is 60% off when you use coupon code #LP87N which makes it only .99 cents! But you must jump on this now, because the offer ends in 24 hours.

Here are the links to open the treasure chest that will reveal all these money saving books. Also, I believe some books are free. So check it out.

           Find Kindle deals here:
           Here is our catalog for free print books:
           We also have Smashwords discount codes:
           Prefer print books? Check out our catalog for CreateSpace discount codes:
            Last, but not least, we have Buy-the-print-book-get-the-Kindle-free offers. These are great for gifting. Don’t you wish you could receive a free book for yourself every time you gave one as a gift? Well, here’s your chance: