Blog Tour! Jason's Duty by Alisha Guenzel

Jason’s Duty

By: Alisha Guenzel

Blog Tour April 22nd-27th

A Cowboy and his duty.

Jason McGregor was a country boy raised on a horse ranch. His daddy taught him the meaning of family and responsibility, but that didn’t teach him anything about the rule of love. In Jason’s eyes it was all about the horses and keeping the McGregor Ranch going. When Haley Sheridan came to visit, Jason’s world gets turned upside down. He could no longer see black and white anymore.

Haley Sheridan was far from home and lost without her father. Her emotions were all over the place. She only came to Montana out of duty to her mother. She didn’t understand how Mrs. McGregor took care of the house hold chores from cooking, cleaning, and making sure her husband and sons were taken care of. But when she looked at Jason, there was something in his eyes that made her want to understand.

Could a cowboy love a city slicker? Or a city slicker love a cowboy? Neither one knew how to communicate what they really wanted.

Come follow Jason and Haley in Book 1 of The McGregor Saga. See how two hearts can become one with enough faith.

Alisha Guenzel The Author

She is a native to New England although she was raised on the plains of West Texas. She has always loved to
write stories. But it wasn't until she married her husband did she take a chance on her dream to become a published author. Although writing is her passion, she also loves to spend time with her kids and husband on their five acre ranch.

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