Monday, May 4, 2015

Book Feature! Reliant Service by #Author Regina Morris

"Reliant Service" by author Regina Morris. 5th book in the COLONY series.

"A covert team of sexy vampires protects the President of the United States."

Each book is stand-alone and can be read in any order. Book came in 1st place in the Houston Writers Guild's 2014 Fall writing contest.

It is on pre-order and it is releasing May12th.


After faking his death from an assassination attempt on the President, and retiring his first and only alias with the Colony, Daniel Brighton discovers the mandatory sabbatical to be less than exciting. He chooses to do a favor and act as a security guard for a fading pop-singer, Lori Austin, whose career is winding down. He travels across Europe with her and discovers her past to be one of deception and intrigue with a history leading directly back to the Colony itself.

Lori Austin is struggling to keep her career alive, and is willing to do what is necessary to save it. From bad press and scandalous stories, she travels across Europe on a relief tour to revitalize her career but doesn’t realize she is traveling with a vampire. Discovering a hidden family secret, she realizes that the one man who can save her is the handsome security guard she fought so hard not to hire.




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