Sunday, April 30, 2017

Can Our Spirit Leave This World If It Chooses To Do So?

I’ve been wondering something since my dad had his stroke. Can our spirit leave this world if it chooses to move on? Let’s take Debbie Reynolds for instance. Right after Carrie Fisher died, Debbie had a lengthy conversation with her son. She told him it wasn’t supposed to happen this way, and she loved him very much, but she wanted to be with Carrie. Shortly after their talk, she died. Another story I read last week was about a couple who was married for like I think 65 years. The wife died, then hours later the husband passed on. I’m sure you’ve heard of similar stories where a couple has been together for years and when one leaves this world, the other follows not too long afterward. So I’m thinking that yes, our spirit if it chooses to leave the meat suit can. Now since my dad’s stroke, I’m concerned his spirit wants to move on. Here’s a little backstory supporting this fear of mine . . .

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