RV Renovation: Solar Panels Are Installed

The solar panels are installed!

We took the week of June 25th off to install our solar panels.

Of course, it didn’t take a week to do.

. . . But the weather was atrocious, so we had to wait until the humidity wasn’t so high and the temp. bearable.

Wednesday morning was when Kevin installed them.

I had to tie a rope to the back of each one so Kevin could hoist it up on top of the roof.

Do you notice the covers on them?

We didn’t want the sun on the panels until they were installed.

After Kevin placed the panels where he wanted them to be, he got busy mounting them.

He made a mistake, though.

He had mounted one of the panels close to the edge of the roof to prevent us from having to walk there.

Vertigo tends to mess with us.

. . . But what ended up happening was the wires from the other panels wouldn’t reach the one close to the edge, so Kevin had to redo it.


However, I’m sure you guys know from your own personal experiences that when you renovate anything the process always comes with challenges.  

We’ve been challenged this past week, and I’m not talking only with the solar panels, but with other things as well.

I’ll talk about that in another post.

-So the solar panels are installed.

Guess what comes next?


Not fun.

Kevin needs one more part in order to complete the project, which he’ll get tomorrow.

Once he hooks it up, we’ll have solar power.


Our goal for the month of June was to install our solar panels and get it working.

We basically accomplished it.

Our goal for the month of July is appliances.

We have a furnace and hot water heater that doesn’t work, and we know nothing about them.

We need a 3-way refrigerator, which cost between $1,500.00-$2,000.00.

I’m not shitting you.

I’m serious.

It’s frickin’ expensive.

We also need to find out if our a/c works, but before we can do that, we need to get our generator (our mechanic friend is rebuilding it) back. We might end up just buying a new one (I'd like to have a Honda generator) which I think cost like $2,000.00.

-So this month will be interesting and costly.

I’ll keep you up to date on it.

Honestly, I know all of our hard work and the money spent to do this project will be worth it in the long run. 

For some reason we were meant to have this RV (Aesop), and I do appreciate it and love it. I'm also looking forward to seeing how it looks once we’re all done with the renovation.

Before we know it, we’ll be off on a new journey—a journey of self-discovery, of being in the now, truly living, and hopefully, inspiring others.

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