Yay It’s Friday

4/06/2012 , , 0 Comments

This week seemed to draaaaaag.

Maybe because it was a hard week.

My job had its trying days, but I got through it. And then I found out on Wednesday morning my niece’s childhood friend, Autumn, whom I’ve known since she was in kindergarten died.

I started crying, then had to force myself to stop because when I cry my eyes and face turns red and swells. I look all freaky and monstrous.


There was no way I could step out of my house and go to work looking like Hellboy, so I had to chant to myself: "Stop crying. Stop crying. Stop crying."

Autumn was only nineteen-years-old.

What had happened was she got drunk and accidently shot herself.

She was such a sweet girl.

I’m still in shock over it.

Anyway, on a lighter subject, I was told yesterday at my job we’d have today off.


It was a pleasant surprise when the owner told us that. Hopefully, this Easter weekend will go slow and not zip by like some weekends tend to do.

Kevin wanted a goose for Easter dinner.


However, the universe must have felt sorry for me having a not-so-good week because not only do I have today off, but yesterday I couldn’t find a goose to buy Kevin, so we won’t be having it.


I was really looking forward to the greasy, dark meat, that tastes like liver and bile.


So now we’re going to have T-bone steaks for Easter dinner.


We live in a farming community so the steaks here are awesome.

I hope you have a wonderful Easter.

Happy Friday!