Book Review On Masked Encounters By Felicia Tatum

Masked Encounters is part one of the Intoxicating Passion novella series by Felicia Tatum. I was fortunate enough to read the ARC  before it gets published on October 25th 2013.

I do have a problem reading books on a screen, and I *gasp* don’t even own a Kindle. However, since this is a novelette, I was able to read it on my computer, and I’m glad I did.

When I first started reading Mask Encounters, I was delighted on how it began.

I loved it!

Felicia cracks me up.

It begins with the main character nineteen-year-old Korah. She's on a blind date her roommate sets her up on. I’ve never been on one before, but I imagine a few of you female readers have been in a similar situation as Korah where the dude is not only a loser but creepy and drones on and on about himself. Of course, afterwards his beady snake eyes roams your cleavage and he says a cheesy line that makes your skin crawl.

Have you ever been in that situation before?

Well, Felicia nailed the scene perfectly.

Anyway, Korah built a wall around her heart because her last boyfriend Christopher had hurt her. I don’t know what happened between them, but it was bad enough to cause Korah to crawl in a hole inside herself. I’m guessing the next installment in this series we’ll discover more about it.

Leela is Korah’s roommate and best friend. She talks Korah into going to a Halloween costume party the frat house on their college campus is having. Korah makes it clear to Leela that she’s not to be set up on a date, and she’s not going to hook up with anybody. Leela promises Korah they’re only going to have fun and that’s it, but little does Korah know what's in store for her when she meets Dane.

Dane is a classic playboy. I have to say . . . I loved how his point of view began.

Loved it!

Felicia did an excellent job with this character.

Hell, she did a fabulous job with the whole chapter.

The reader is totally inside this ladies’ man’s head.

It’s great.

Dane is a gorgeous panty dropping type of guy, who seeks one thing from women . . . pleasure. He doesn’t care about them, and like the Grinch, his heart is the size of a pea. Then he sees Korah in a costume shop, and he can’t keep his eyes off her. She glances his way with disinterest. He’s shocked by her lack of attention towards him, and he can’t stop thinking about the stunning brunette.

The Halloween ball is in full swing when Korah and Leela arrive. Korah then comes face to face with a dark-haired stranger hiding behind a Zorro mask. When he speaks, his voice sends tingles up her spine, then the fun begins.

Ooooh, yeah.

What happens next might curl your toes boys and girls.

I recommend this book, and I’m looking forward to the next one.