Book Review On Daring Dane By Felicia Tatum

Daring Dane is part of the Intoxicating Passion novella series. It’s the third book and an enjoyable read.

Dane is a hot frat playboy who has issues with women. Period. He’s a male whore. End of story. However, Korah who is in one of his classes, rocks his world. She’s not like all the other panty dropping girls he’s accustomed to. She’s different. When he finally gains her trust, he does the ultimate ass monkey mistake. After they have sex, he sneaks out of Korah’s house when she’s asleep and totally bails on her.

I wanted to slap him for crushing Korah’s heart like that.


In the third installment to this novella series, Korah feels like an idiot for falling for Dane’s charms. But when her past rolls into her life, blindsiding her, she has no choice but to call Dane for help. He comes to her aid without question. Korah is ashamed and embarrassed to involve Dane into her unfortunate circumstances, but she has no choice. Dane wants a second chance with her, but he lost her trust and now has to suffer the consequences.

Dane is a total wreck without Korah. He begins to do some self-evaluation on why he behaves the way he does towards women. His behavior stems from his childhood. He acknowledges it and realizes his feelings for Korah are genuine. 

He loves her.

Korah has feelings for Dane; however, he blew his chances the night he walked out on her. Now he has to prove himself to her in order to gain her trust back.

Will Dane be able to win Korah’s heart?

I think he will, but I won't know until the next book in this novella series comes out, which I’m looking forward to reading.